Christmas gift lands man in trouble

Christmas gift lands man in trouble

A magistrate on Tuesday fined Cletus Edward of Goodlands, Castries seven times the value of cannabis found in his possession during a routine traffic stop miles from home in Rosseau, Quarter of Anse La Ray.

Edward, who pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance – cannabis, and has no previous convictions, was fined $350 by Magistrate Christine Phulchere Edward who stated that the court takes a serious stance on offences of this nature.

The money is to be paid $350 by December 12, 2012 or in default spend three months in prison.

The cannabis was estimated at quarter of a pound, a value of approximately EC$50.

In his defense, Edwards said: “My honour, I went to do a job in Anse La Raye, on my way back I met a pardner.  He tell me hold dat for my Christmas.”

Edward is currently employed as a steel bender and lives with his girlfriend and their children.

According to the court, on Monday, December 10, 2012, the mini bus M101 of Anse La Raye was stopped by Sgt 391 Chicot.

During the routine traffic stop, Chicot said he noticed one of the passengers, Edward, acting fidgety and uncomfortable.  Chicot asked Edward if he had anything illegal, and the defendant reportedly replied: “Just a smoke I have officer.”

Chicot then asked to conduct a search of the bag which Edward had in his possession.  Upon the conducting the search, Chicot discovered a quantity of green plant suspected of being cannabis.


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  1. I agree, I don't smoke and never have nor do I plan to in the future, but that is just wrong. Legalize it already. They can buy cigarettes and rum but for a little weed $350? Wowwwww!


  2. There's more serious issues goin on in the country than finding a man with a joint.What about all the useless killings goin on...has anyone see it fit to try to catch the criminals.


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