Chris Gayle to be penalised for his public outbursts against Tallawahs, Ramnaresh Sarwan

Chris Gayle to be penalised for his public outbursts against Tallawahs, Ramnaresh Sarwan
Gayle (left) and Skerrit
Gayle (left) and Skerrit

(CMC) – Cricket West Indies (CWI) boss Ricky Skerritt says Chris Gayle will likely be penalized by the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) for his public tirade against his former Jamaica Tallawahs franchise and its assistant coach Ramnaresh Sarwan.

Although describing the controversy as “interpersonal battles” being fought in the public eye, Skerritt said Gayle, who has been signed to St. Lucia Zouks for the 2020 season, had brought the CPL into disrepute.

“I’m sure there is some kind of discussion taking place at the moment between Chris and the CPL because the CPL has rules which will come into view here because Chris is signed into a franchise team,” Skerrit said on i95FM Sports here.

In a series of video posted on his YouTube channel late last month, Gayle was highly critical of Sarwan, his former West Indies teammate, describing him as a “snake” and accusing him of conspiring to get him released from the franchise. The 40-year-old also claimed that the Tallawahs management had been “playing games” with him, and had cut him from the squad without any notice, although he still had two more years left in the three-year contract and had agreed to a pay cut.

Sarwan subsequently said the allegations were false and scandalous; while Tallawahs said the decision not to retain the T20 batting star did not include Sarwan and was “based purely on business and cricketing reasoning.”

“It’s certainly not something that I enjoyed looking at or reading about…. I think Chris clearly has a number of concerns on his mind and he decided to go public. Personally, I think that was unfortunate but the process will have to take its course and that process will get triggered because he is a contracted player in the CPL within the West Indies league,” Skerritt said.

“If a player is contracted to a club or a franchise or to Cricket West Indies…that kind of behaviour brings that contract into some level of disrepute. So, I would expect this most recent matter is not over. I hope it doesn’t become a world matter in terms of the career of Mr Gayle, because it’s been a very outstanding career and I really wouldn’t want to see it brought to an end by this event.”

Skerritt added that the regional governing body for cricket was paying close attention to see how the CPL would handle the matter.

“We kind of have a watching interest but we will wait and see what happens,” the CWI president said. Although stressing that he was neither condoning nor judging Gayle, Skerritt said the cricketer’s outburst did not reflect the person he had known for many years, and the public disputes were disappointing.

“I happen to have been fortunate to be around Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Wavell Hinds, [Ramnaresh] Ronnie Sarwan, when they were just starting out their careers. These are guys who are all lovers of cricket, they really love the idea of putting on the maroon colours, and along the way things have happened,” said the former West Indies team manager.

“I am not a psychologist nor am I a historian, all I can tell you [is] it’s very disappointing to see players who were such great teammates, who have played so well together at times, carried the West Indies pride on their back and so on, that these kinds of exchanges are taking place.”

Skerritt admitted that the disputes were not good for West Indies cricket, but said he was hoping the environment CWI was creating – the rebuilding of trust between administrators and players; the fairness and the openness and the transparency of the selection process now in place; the welcoming of dialogue between selectors and players, etc. – would eliminate such incidents in the future.

“This all has to continue at a rapid pace so that players, in their anxiety and disappointment and distrust and disbelief and all of the mental upset that they face, that becomes minimized and they have no reason to lash out publicly,” he said.


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  1. This bunch of losers were all under the captaincy of Brian Lara, think about what it was like to be a captain amounst them,in their youth, if what we seeing now as older senior men, is an example of why despite their talent that squad was a den of snakes long time, if i ever had the talent to lead any team, i would have prefered a bunch of prostitutes, at least i would have known what i was paying for.


  2. Cricket west indies (CWI) has been always punisheing players when they speak the truth that's not the way to deal with players and the problem when player's hav issue they should be able to speak there problem out , I hav always seen players speaking there minds out and all CWI does is punished them all, just like Darren Sammy he was a very hard working person he no tricks when he's on the field he won the 2016 ICC world T20 for us and when he speaks out his mind they throw him out the team that's bad for cricket, that childish ,,every player hav there own issue some hole it in their mind and some release it out , either way there should not be any punishment because there all Human and big people , when u punish a person who is a star who can lead the way u are hurting them even more . Chris Gayle is one off the most important batman in a line up weather is T20 , ODI, and test cricket , u can't treat him like that for speaking the truth , that's why CWI will never reach no way because off their actions against players .. I am sure no other cricket teams in the world treat their players like how (CWI ) do for speaking there minds out and the truth..... U all need to treat players better than that for there actions weather it's on the field and off the field ,punishment don't solve the problems punishment fautrate players even more because off not dealing with cricketers issue and problem.


  3. I disagree that's why as a people we'll never reach anywhere. Whenever we speak our minds we are labelled as bad etc etc but when the white man dies it he's praised and lauded for being brave. I've given up in WI cricket a long time ago because of poor ridiculous favoured mgt and leadership. We'll never move fwd if this is what we call leadership. We'll continue to be the laughing stock of the world I guess that's why they still think we live in tree house and swing on vines. This is why WI cricket is where it is. As a leader stop casting blame and man up. The sport has been riddled by pooooooor mgt, friendship and favouritism for decades. Move on


  4. West Indies cricket is a big joke it is all politics always have been when players don't make a name in the game they try to some how get in the board and fight players who do well especially the Jamaicans


  5. Why is it everywhere in the Caribbean the descendants of the lowest cast Indian indentured workers are so racists and nasty?
    The racism is still so prevalent in cricket that a black man is still (in 2020) being penalized for speaking up as a man against what he perceives as an injustice. It is only a matter of time before black men will completely remove himself from the hands of his oppressors and haters and take his destiny in his hands.


  6. Why have not the JT select Gayle to play? He is one of the most outstanding cricketer especially in these type of games (T20). I am sadden that JT did not choose Gayle to play. How did it happen as Sarwan came into effect of being assistant coach, they decided to drop a class cricketer as Gayle?


  7. You can dress a pig up and take it out of the pen...make that pig famous.. but after all is said and done... it's still a pig...


    • And it takes a maggot to recognize the stench and habit of a pig because he live in its filth.


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