Chris Gayle claims comments were a joke, blown out of proportion

Chris Gayle claims comments were a joke, blown out of proportion

2016-01-05 07_26_33-Chris Gayle claims sexist comments were a 'simple joke' and 'blown out of proporGUARDIAN (UK) – Chris Gayle has told a media conference that his remarks toward female journalist Mel McLaughlin during Monday night’s Big Bash League game were “just a joke” that had been taken out of proportion, but walked off when told the interview had made her uncomfortable .

Speaking at Melbourne airport, Gayle said his comments, in which he asked McLaughlin for a drink and said “don’t blush, baby”, were a “simple joke” and were “not meant to be disrespectful”.

Gayle has been fined $10,000 for the incident and his club, the Melbourne Renegades, has formally apologised to McLaughlin.

Told that McLaughlin was upset about the incident, Gayle said at the airport: “There wasn’t anything meant to be disrespectful or offensive to Mel. If she felt that way, I’m really sorry for that. There wasn’t any harm meant in that particular way, to harm any particular person in any particular way like that.

It was a simple joke. The game was going on. Entertainment, things get out of proportion but these things happen. It wasn’t any harm done and like I said, I will leave it at that. I’m sorry for that. We have to move on, simple.”

He said he had not spoken to McLaughlin.



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  1. Take Note ! The slackness which exist and thrive over here and elsewhere is not tolerated in more developed countries.


  2. Nowadays ppl will say or do anything for money...act mad and u get money Smh...this young lady overreacted...I bet if it was a white man,she'd smile at that


  3. bull shit....he"s human...gale got blood to! its a mans right to ask a woman...$10, 000...petty cash fi him


  4. I think his behaviour was quite unprofessional. It's ok to ask a lady out but do it was class. This was sexual harassment to the point that the reporter couldn't even complete her interview. Hope he learns from that.


  5. Just recently,on thee Australia news,more women are coming out to vent their complaints about Chris Gayle flurting behaviour.Gayle was on a bad mission. The journalist was asking Gayle events pertaining to the game and Gayle took off like wild fire into something else. So,somebody out there wants to say that,the fined is too harsh? Gayle was hired as a guest to play for a foreign cricket club and not as our normal West-Indian tournaments. There are guidelines to follow with cricket Australia and not with the WICB counterparts.He wasnt playing for the West Indies at the time.You are playing for a club oversees respect is due.


  6. Well,he has gotten a fine of ten thousand dollars. Gayle has been doing that for a long time but this time got charged. Not everybody take what you say as a joke. That was at the wrong place and at the wrong time.Gayle has confused himself with what is culture and professionaism.


    • He would have probably gotten away with it in the Caribbean but Australians are tight....I'm a woman and I would have reprimanded him right there. I think the fine is a bit harsh.


    • So wait you are saying coworkers and people in the same industry don't hook up. What's with you bloody hypocrites. It's ok for it to happen but not ok for us to know it happens. How the hell do you think they hook up in the first place.

      Go Gayle.


      • I agree with your comment totally, except for these people who hook up do so behind cameras not in front of them during an interview which may have been broadcasted live. Humble opinion, as a fellow WI.


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