Chopping victim recovering: “We don’t have to change pampers for him” anymore, says father

Chopping victim recovering: “We don’t have to change pampers for him” anymore, says father
Nerius Batchoo was chopped in the head during an attack by a group of men.
Nerius Batchoo was chopped in the head during an attack by a group of men.

The father of the young man of Vieux-Fort who was severely injured during a brutal attack by a group of men just over a month ago, said his son is recovering nicely.

“Right now we don’t have to change pampers for him, nor take him to the toilet or bathroom… He does that all by himself,” Elias Batchoo told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Nerius Batchoo, 21, of St. Jude Highway was on July 12 chopped on his head with a cutlass which split his skull resulting in bleeding in his brain. He has been in and out of the Tapion hospital and St. Jude hospital several times before being sent at his home to recover.

According to his father, his family was very concerned about his survival when a doctor told them that he can’t give them the assurance that his son would survive.

Father: Elia Batchoo

One man was charged with attempting murder and another who was part of the group who accosted Batchoo was charged with damage to property.

“Now he is speaking, walking and eating…and his mind is functioning better,”a delighted Batchoo said.

He however added that his son can’t shift his toes in his right leg.

According to Batchoo, the entire family is happy that his son is recovering and is hoping that such an incident does not reoccur.

“We prayed so much for him…” he said.

Batchoo said after being discharged from hospital, he spoke to his son about his behaviour and the men with whom he associates with, and he promised him that he will change his behaviour.

“I hope he does so…” Batchoo said.

According to Batchoo, who does not live with his son‘s mother, parents need to keep a close relationship with their children even though they have broken up.

“Children need to behave themselves… but parents also have an important role to play in the lives of their children.” he said.


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  1. God be the glory thank you for your forgiveness and favor .....happy he is recovering nicely. Good father and family to help him in the time of need. Blessed love


  2. Join a good Church. Give praise and thanks to the Lord that you're
    still alive. the devil wanted you, maybe someone was praying for you all along.


  3. There's nothing like the unconditional love of a parent.We may falter and fail but in most cases our parents are the ones who will be there to pick up the pieces.I just want us to think about that for a moment...
    One love!!


  4. Once a single family member gets into the killing and murder business of drugs and gangs, watch out. Each and every member becomes an automatic target in this death business.
    You get involved. You may never get out. Your time may be up even though you are not of any group. Also, any of your relatives can condemn you with a death sentence over your head, for the rest of your life, short or long. It is also a revenge business. Nothing or no person has any value in the eyes or the murderer or the assassin. Sad.


  5. Some children bring thiis upon them self .they don't listen to their parents .also lack of respect.sometime you will hear people say they were badly brought up .I will say some children think because they grown they can do as they please.only when the shit hit the fan that's when they trying to change .f


  6. Thank God he is getting better , lets pray that he changes his ways and druop the bad friends put God frist go to church pray make your family proud be an example for the old group yes man


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