Chopping incident victim in ICU

Chopping incident victim in ICU

The survivor of a chopping incident which occurred in Belmont, Derniere Riviere on January 11, 2014 is still a patient at the Victoria Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, according to police.

51-year-old Herbert Ange aka Jarrod of Belmont, Dennery, had sustained multiple lacerations including a wound stretching from his left eye to the back of his neck during an altercation with 32-year-old Kurt Deterville aka Jock of Morne Panache, Derniere Riviere, Dennery. Deterville died the same day from multiple cuts to the body as a result of the feud.

Police said both men, who were armed with cutlasses, were involved in a fight in the vicinity of the Belmont Community Centre.

Deterville’s post mortem will be convened today January 15, 2014 at 1 p.m.


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