Chopping at Ravine Poisson

Chopping at Ravine Poisson


Another chopping incident occurred early this morning.

Reports are that Nickson Edmund, 18, sustained injuries to his head, during a chopping incident in Ravine Poisson.

The incident is reported to have occurred at around 1 a.m today (Jan. 10).

His condition is unknown at this time.

No more details available.


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  1. We need to go back to the good old days. Parents need to pay more attention to their kids. At eighteen years old you out at 1:00am. Although you can make a child but can't make their heart. The key thing is that as a parent we tried. Most of these crimes can be avoided.


  2. We need to go back to the good old days.when we used to love one and other. Where have those days gone. Selfishness have us so blind that we cant see past one faults. Greed is eating us alive, and the love of money and material things have us selling our souls to the devil. Bring back our old days of caring for one and other. We love, respect, peace and harmony in St.Lucia.


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