“Chopped repeatedly like an animal” – Ongoing feud may have led to former prison officer’s murder – sources

“Chopped repeatedly like an animal” – Ongoing feud may have led to former prison officer’s murder – sources
Owald Downes
Oswald Downes

Police are investigating the death of a father of three, who was chopped to death during a jouvert celebration on Christmas Day in Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort.

The deceased, identified as Oswald Downes, also known as Shadda, was reportedly attacked by about four men in the early hours of Friday morning.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Downes was “chopped repeatedly like an animal”.

“I thought I was watching a movie or a slaughter house scene… I ran away and puked,” the eyewitness said.

Downes was a former prison officer and accountant Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Several relatives said they are not aware Downes has any problems, but several sources in the community told SNO that an ongoing feud between persons from Belle Vue and Pierrot may have led to his demise.

A relative described Downes as an “intelligent” man, who was a “real father” to his three children, two of whom lives overseas and visited him on island recently.


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  1. Let's talk to our children and educate them, let's help put an end too the senseless killing. One love


  2. We who worked with you in government knew how he was a diligent worker always willing to learn and committed to his job. Very nice personality and hard working accounts clerk. Downes you will be missed, we had many good times laughing together and especially he loved his children. There is a God and he does not sleep. RIP Oswald.


  3. I just cant believe on Christmas day, persons of a good community in St.Lucia would wake up, plan of chopping an individual to death. Where have we as Lucians gone wrong? Why couldn't they leave justice for God, if indeed he did someone wrong. This is a well planned murder. I dont give a dam what je did before, no one desvered to be hack to death. Sometimes i think some lucians have a mind set of the people that lives in the congo in Africa. I pray that those who are responsible for this heinous crime be brought to justice ASAP. Lord we need you more than ever in St.Lucia Have mercy Lord.


  4. Whats is the matter with some people in St.Lucia, in my day people talk to one another. Now is Choping one another, who ever comet this horrible Crime evil, on that person is a devil, people devil is walking on Earth Please death penalty.???


  5. My condolences to his family. It is so sad to hear such a beautiful soul go like this. You will forever be missed by your children, parents , siblings , VFCSS past students. I will forever remember you as the top athlete and bright student that you were. It's like you were not meant to stay on this earth very long. I remember a few years ago when you went to provide assistance to an injured young man in Vieux Fort and one of his cronies mistakenly assumed that you were one of his attackers and slashed your face. You just came home to spend the holidays and go so senselessly. When will this nonsense stop in Lucia where if you are from one neighborhood then you a tree not permitted to go to another community. The man never did you guys a thing - how can you chop up someone like this because he born and raise in Pierrot. St. Lucia this nonsense need to end


    • "the top athlete and bright student" Two of the most essential personality of a good youth alongside very, very humble parents. Could have been very famous. Where did you go wrong? The devil is roaming. RIP.


    • I was with you until you said "the man never did you guys a thing". It's better not to say anything than to make statements that aren't accurate. However, it is sad that he had to lose his life like this.

      Let us try the address the problems before they escalate. Let's not wait till it's to late to speak and make up stuff. You didn't know him as a bad person or a trouble maker (I doubt you didn't) , that's understandable, but let's say good when we see it and bad when we see it too. That's how you grow.


    • he did plenty of things, don't assume he didn't .. get ur facts correct. Does anyone seriously think this was a random incident??? we have to be joking


  6. Oswald shaddah Highgate oszzie Downes your death is now bringing me tears as i sit back and reflect our days drinking playing pools your Young generations last lap its just hurtful to see that i seeing you and later being told ure gone i haven't visited your ppl cuz i know i will break we always talk you hadood advice to share just can't continue rest in peace bro


  7. Respect in peace young man!

    Both communities in question and the family of the deceased knew about the young man's behaviour and what led to his untimely death. It is sad that our young men especially find it fitting to use violence in every situation, every day of the week.

    Again, Rest well Shadda


  8. RIP Shadda sigh, I guess you're in a better place looking down at us as we mourn. My heart aches knowing that we had to lose you like this. They showed no mercy , but as the old saying goes "what goes around,comes around" . Till we meet again ❤


  9. The authorities must get a handle on all this brutality before we descend into barbarism and anarchy. Would expect this to happen during the Liberian Civil War but not on Christmas Day 2015 in our beautiful Saint Lucia.


  10. R.I.P Shadda. VF won't be the same without u. VFCSS Class of '94 won't be the same without u. Till we meet again. Love always.


  11. everyone knoz he was involved in feud,,,his whole family knew....he was my friend but regardless....he din hav to die dis way but it was cumin....UNLESS we dont better ourselves,,wen ppl will want to move forward in life,,prospere,,educae demselves its den n only den all dis will stop...what can i say,,,he was at da wrong place at the wrong tym.


  12. Shadda, you were my brother's friend. Your mom must be devastated. You and your brothers have been a family friend. So sad.


  13. Freaking bring back the death sentence pretty please. Please i begging the justice department in SLU. Thats the only thing that can fix our lil island


    • Good Luck with that!! In your grief, You forget that black governments dance to the tune of the US with their threats of EMBARGO's and such like; and don't forget their other Agency: The Human Rights Brigade, there to tell the world what SAVAGES we are.


  14. Rest in peace. To his family I say that God is not asleep and those responsible will pay the price. My condolences


    • He deserve it he has done ppl thin and his family &friend no it stop telling lie he should die 3Times more .....wat I have to say is good over evil only God can jugde him and the Wont pay any price everybody no he was a troublemaker ......shadda bit up a boy from bell cue so bad he almost killed him wat if he was dead so wat he get he deserve no Fucking r.I.p none at all I love his dead 🙂 :v


      • You such a coward. Today is his you never know what tomorrow could be for you or your loved one. Is ppl like you hence why St Lucia won't move forward. Ppl like you disgust me.


      • Really ? You rejoicing over someones death ,you're sick. I hope you don't end up like shadda,shabba,ragga whatever his name was,


      • the same person he beat and nearly killed is the exact person who killed him.. payback is a bitch, now everyone crying