Choiseul youth club undertakes tree planting exercise along riverbed

Choiseul youth club undertakes tree planting exercise along riverbed
A member of the club planting a tree
Members of Atlas (in green) with forestry officials

(SNO) – An environmentally conscious youth club of Choiseul has demonstrated its appreciation for the environment when it undertook a tree planting project in Choiseul on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Members of the club, Atlas, planted trees of various types along the riverbed in the community.

“As time progresses, due to the action of mankind, such as the cutting of tress, the riverbed began falling apart,” Amerson Charlemagne, a trustee of the club, told this reporter in an interview.

According to Charlemagne, the club, which comprises close to 30 members and established in 2012, embarks on positive things such as caring for the environment and uniting the youth of the community.

Charlemagne said the planting of the trees along the riverbed will go a long way in reducing the degradation of the environment.

“It will also help to uplift the environment,” he added.

A member of the club planting a tree

Charlemagne said the club has been involved in several other projects over the years, notably a solar project which has so far benefited seven households in the community. He said a few more are also expected to benefit from the project which received a grant from Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

Charlemagne said the club has also started a purple sweet potato project which it will continue soon. He added that once the club is able to source additional funds it will undertake a number of other projects in the community.

“We will continue the trend of positivity,” Charlemagne said.

He said members of the club are very excited about the tree planting project and are prepared to undertake any number of other projects.

Nerius Mitchel, a forestry officer, who supervised the tree planting, described the project as a “good initiative”.

“There are lots of environmental issues along the riverbed such as deforestation, landslide… The tree planting project will go a long way in stabilising the riverbed,” Mitchel said, adding that his department did an assessment of the river.


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  1. You need to broaden this project to every other surrounding communities by engaging with other local sports and youth clubs in nearby communities to do the same in theirs. Excellent work Choiseul guys, the community spirit is alive .


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