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Choiseul shooting victim’s story “doesn’t add up”

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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(SNO) – The young man of Caffiere, Choiseul, who reported to police that he was shot by a masked gunman while searching for cashew nuts, may have shot himself accidentally while playing with his gun.

That’s one of the theories police say they are working on after trying to make sense of his disjointed report.

“His report does not make sense. It’s not logical…,” Inspector Marcellinus Leonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station told this reporter.

Leonce said the victim was shot by a Glock firearm.

The 20-year-old, who is not a license firearm holder, was shot in his left leg at Caffiere on Sunday about 12 noon. He is currently at St. Jude Hospital in stable condition.

According to hospital sources, the victim’s story does not add up and does not sound credible.

Residents of Caffiere, who know the victim, say they too do not believe he was shot by anyone.

“I am convinced that he was not shot by anyone. I believe he shot himself…” a resident said.

And if he was indeed shot, “why would would someone shoot you for cashew nuts?” one other resident asked. “Something doesn’t add up.”

According to another source, the victim had also claimed that he was injured by a sharp piece of wood.

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  1. Release his pic. These young thugs are using people children to go and steal and putting guns to their heads.

  2. Hi Ms Alcide, we all know he's an idiot. He did a perfect job causing injury to himself, with no help from anyone vengeance belongs to the God Almighty. The statement you made was very strong let's pray instead . Let the authority deal with his sorry lying excuse.

  3. It should have been his spine . ... a--hole. What u doing with a gun. You thugs sicken me. Should have bled to death. Cant wait for them to charge ur stupid ass.

    • some of ur comments are so f****ing lame yo...udnteven kno the person smh it just amazes me that ppl cud speak like theyre so cold...wat right do u have to say such...disgusting comment i must say...everyday u luk at a news story u must c the ignorance of sum lucians im jus disgusted honestly..sum of ya'll jus sit there n type any bullshit without thinking..sAD#JUST SAD

    • The man should come n shoot your ass...

      • Chpz bitch i aint taking for ni man i dont know him or his story...all i kno is u ppl cum out cold with urll comments like in gods eye urll beta than the man fr posting saloptay..let God judge n cleanse urll hearts chpzz condeming ppl for their mistakes when the most powerful forgiving..who do urll think urll are..

    • Louvisca Alcide it should have been your cerebellum


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