Choiseul Secondary School Extension Project progresses

Choiseul Secondary School Extension Project progresses

(GIS) – Hon. Bradley Felix, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, and Hon. Guy Joseph, Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, visited the construction site of the Choiseul Secondary School extension earlier this week.

The ministers were accompanied by the staff of the Ministry for Economic Development, and district education officials from Choiseul.

The visit served as an opportunity to witness the ongoing work at the Choiseul Secondary School, as well as glean updates from the contractor and the project consultant on the challenges experienced with the project and the progress being made, Minister Felix said.

Following the tour, Minister Guy Joseph applauded the quality and standard of the work.

“What is impressive about this project is that it shows the capability of Saint Lucians,” he said. “The quality of the output of this project is one that meets international standards. We used a local consultancy firm and a local contractor who met all the requirements of the World Bank, and they are proving that we have the capability to execute projects of this nature. This builds the confidence of our locals so that when we engage entities, we can confidently say we have the capacity locally to be able to execute such projects.

“The impact of having a local contractor is that all of the benefits remain in the local economy, and I am sure institutions like the World Bank will be happy to know they are part of a project that benefits the country economically, in addition to the students of the school who have had to endure a building that was declared unsafe for an extended period of time.”

The new building dually functions as a hurricane shelter, and should be ready to be occupied in time for the new academic year, in September.


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  1. Bradley Felix and Guy Joseph parading around the School. Thanks to the like of Robert Lewis this school got some attention.


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