Choiseul road safety project

Choiseul road safety project

GIS – In 2013 the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) hosted the Vybzing Saint Lucia Youth Forum.

Utilizing this forum, the CDB invited youth groups throughout Saint Lucia to attend a three-day workshop on road safety.

President of the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council, Jeny Gaillard, said the workshop inspired in her a passion for road safety.

“That was an eye opening workshop. The facilitators were great, and they were able to make the issue of road safety very youth friendly, so we left every day feeling energized and looking forward to the next day because it was that interesting.”

Gaillard said she took advantage of the education and opportunities provided by the workshop to enhance road safety measures in Choiseul.

“We were challenged to present a proposal for a road safety project in our community and I remember thinking to myself that Choiseul would win because I was not about to let an opportunity go by. So we went back to the community we dialogued with persons who knew Choiseul best and we came up with a proposal, and lo and behold we were awarded US$10,000 to undertake a community road safety project and that is what led to the railings and signs you see in Choiseul.”

The theme for the 2013 workshop was “Road Safety: Save a Life, Save a Future.”


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