Choiseul man recounts horrific experience with armed bandits searching for marijuana farms

Choiseul man recounts horrific experience with armed bandits searching for marijuana farms

One of the three men from Choiseul who was attacked by four masked gunmen on their farms last week, has said he did not expect to be alive today.

Andre Emmanuel told this reporter in an interview that he had just taken a bath when the men, who were wearing military garments and armed with three 12-gauge riffles and a cutlass, pounced on him.

“They dressed like SSU…” he said.

The bandits had just left another farm where they had beaten, bound and gagged two other men who had managed to set themselves free.

According to Emmanuel, the men rained blows on him before uttering a word to him.

“One of them hit me twice with his gun butt on my head and I fell to the ground…. I saw danger, so I told him to take all what he wants but don’t kill me,” Emmanuel recounted.

He said they destroyed all the groceries which he had in a bucket and took the mere $4.25 he had.

Emmanuel said while he was on the ground grimacing in pain, they kicked him several times about his body and kept asking him for the marijuana farm. He added that while on the ground he saw death staring him in the face, and was thinking of a way to save his life.

“I told them that I don’t know anything about that….” he said.

According to Emmanuel, from the time he started farming in the area he has never come across any marijuana plantation in the area, and feels someone had given the men wrong information as to the location of marijuana plantations.

“I said to myself I will die today…I was scared for my life. I had to do something to save my life,” he said.

Emmanuel said he managed to grab a knife on the ground and stabbed the armed gunman closest to him in his belly.

“When I stabbed him, he cried “I”… I then plunged downhill heading towards a river,” he recounted, adding that because of his position he was not able to stab him with much force.

According to Emmanuel, while making his escape he heard two gunshots fired.

He said had he not defended himself he may not be alive today.

Emmanuel said he headed straight to the police station where he made a report. He said when he returned to the scene with the police they found his wrist watch on the ground.

Police are investigating the incidents.


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  1. I don't believe that story. People think of that, three armed men you stabb one and the others didn't do nothing. After you left you heard gunshots. lol you're the fastest runner in the whole world. Because you faster than a bullet. Man go back and fix your story.


  2. It is so dangerous in St Lucia now.... I know there are crimes everywhere, but St Lucia is getting over crowded with foreigners. WHY!!!


  3. Dutty Babylon dem ! They looking for Ganja Farm ?? They want it for themselves . Why only three men and not a entire unit ?? Because them a dutty Babylon.


  4. Too bad this man didn't stab first and then pull the knife across the belly. So this bastard's inards would come tumbling out on the ground for the dogs to eat!


  5. There is need for the Saint Lucian Government to seek the assistance of an external military force and send them into the farm lands, bushes, etc.and purge these characters out. Do like the Mexican Government and other military forces and wipeout these guys. The reality is had not this victim escape who would have known? How many other people have fallen to such? It can be these men have kill and bury people in no mans land in unmarked graves. I must applaud the gentleman on his fight for survival. However I am concern about the exposure of his identity taking to the fact that he may have wounded one of the culprits. God protect him and his family. I don't want to pick on the police but in my opinion they complain too much. Whereas I understand they have issues and moral is low doesn't justify their performances. They being paid to do a job and regardless what their salaries are intact which is hard tax payers money. Our traffic policing is poor, our patrolling police is poor, our jungle policing is poor etc. Something must be wrong. Many of the well trained policemen are taken and place behind a desk where they cannot use their skills where it applies. It all has to the hierarchy of the force. What's disheartening our present security minister is an ex senior officer who should be able to advised. But I guess not. Wanting to do a job and saying you can do it is totally different than when in the job. THE SAYING GOES: " THE HUMAN BEING IS LIKE A TEA BAG, YOU ONLY KNOW THEIR STRENGTHS WHEN THEY ARE IN HOT WATER".


  6. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God."
    – John 3: 3


  7. Yall 4 masked men yall will see bitter days your entire generation has now been cursed!! To pounce upon and elderly man beat him up for no reason on his farm....smfh!!! Yall will have your day!!! This man was very brave too for having stabbed the bandit!!


  8. The more the authority stay silent on the crime situation grounds lost can never be regained right now the inosence have become the hurting ground for criminals guess those in authority feel their are safe it never hit close to home


  9. Something is not adding up. I do not buy this man's version of events. How can you stab a gunman with a knife in an armed hold-up? This gunman has to be St Lucia's dumbest criminal. Something ain't right about this and I smell a rat in that river where this man said he sought refuge in. You only stab someone who is attacking you in a situation like this if you are complicit in the crime by setting the whole thing up.There is no way you can escape from a gunman who is bent on causing mayhem.The shots were fired long after he escaped.Oh Please!!!

    Who is he kidding? I do not buy his story. He comes across as being cocky and nonchalant. People do not jump on a bandwagon without due cause. They must have known something to end up going to his farm to search for weed.Why didn't they go to other farms?There are lots of farms in Choiseul and they choose his and that of another farmer.I was not born yesterday and like I said something's sure not right about this incident. Either this man is St Lucia's bravest man or the people who came after him are the dumbest criminals on the island.Either way, something is not adding up.If I was the police investigating this I would leave no stones unturned.None whatsoever! This man's churlish face says it all. Nothing more to add.


    • You're an idiot could it be possible that the thieves had an inoperable OR FAKE gun or maybe they had no bullets. just because you own a weapon does not necessarily means that you can get bullets for it. You also chose to forget the previous farm where they tied the two farmers can you explain this one COMPUTER DETECTIVE. By the way, DUMMY " being cocky and nonchalant" in other words he was arrogant, conceited, yet calm and cool.


  10. I hate this system. This place is so backward and contributes to more crime. A man stabbed an armed bandit and had to run for his life. Now his face is exposed all over the media. What do we have in place to protect this man? St Lucia is small and talk will run. Emmanuel all I can say is watch your back and stay away from this farm for a while.


  11. Gosh...What a horrific ordeal. People are not safe in their homes, on the streets, on their farm or nowhere at all. God watched over this man.


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