Choiseul man charged for 4 burglaries

Choiseul man charged for 4 burglaries

Scott Octave of Choiseul, who is charged in four separate burglaries, has been committed to stand trial. He is currently on remand at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Octave is reported to have committed his last burglary at Builders Choice in La Farge, Choiseul, between April 23 and 24.

Police said an employee of the store locked up the store after closing at 4:30 pm on April 23.

Upon her return at 7:50 the next morning in the company of a senior employee, there was evidence that the store had been compromised. The inner door to the main office had been forced open and the office had been ransacked.

Further investigation led them to the basement where it was determined that the burglar had possibly gained entrance through a broken window.

The police were notified and investigations were carried out, which led them to Octave.

During his statement under caution, police said Octave admitted to having robbed the store, entering through the toilet window in the basement and leaving with several items. These included approximately $300 in cash, some tomato and cucumber seeds, and two malts.  He allegedly stated that he was not interested in the bigger items because they were not what he came for.

In court Octave said he was guilty and admitted to being unemployed and stressed at the time of the burglary.

During the course of the investigations, Octave led police to believe that he was responsible for three other unresolved burglaries, which took place between March and August of 2012.

He allegedly confessed to robbing the Builders’ Choice store in La Fargue in March 2012, where he took over $500 in cash.  In his defence Octave reportedly stated to police, “I went there to get money to pay my bills.”

The next burglary occurred in August 2012, during a break in at the R & Z’s Gas Station owned and operated by Russell Mason.  During this robbery, which Octave also allegedly admitted to, he made off with over $5,000 in cash and cheques, which had been secured in a safe in the main office.

Then, in the third incident, also in August, the offices of the Saltibus Credit Union were compromised and the burglar made off with over $20,000, an amount which was verified by the credit union.

“It’s all true but the amount is wrong.  I only took about $3,000 in paper money and some coins,” Octave reportedly said to police.

Octave is charged with four counts of burglary worth over $25,000.


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  1. Just read this article in the BVI press and felt like sharing it with the readers. There is a St Lucian victim involved in this -Read on:

    Sherman Williams and Jevon Demming who are charged in connection for a 2012 shooting incident on Virgin Gorda (VG) are expected to stand trial in December.

    Williams and Demming appeared before Justice Vicki Ann Ellis where it was agreed that the matter be sent as a back up on December 2.

    The men, said to be cousins, are jointly charged with attempted murder in relation to the shooting incident outside Virgin Gorda's Rock Cafe on September 30, 2012 that left St. Lucian native, Neil St. Rose, 37, hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds.

    Williams is represented by Attorney-at-Law Stephen Daniels and Demming by Attorney-at-Law Patrick Thompson. Demming has managed to secure bail while Williams is on remand.

    It is alleged that on September 30 at about 12:50 am, the defendants visited Rock Cafe where a party was being held. While at the party, the defendants and St. Rose had an argument, but it was resolved by patrons who were at the event.

    According to the Crown, between 4:00 am and 5:00 am, the defendants left the dancing area of Rock Cafe and went outside to the parking lot where a fight started between Williams and St. Rose. It is alleged that at some point during the fight, Demming joined in and Williams then pulled a gun from his waist and shot St. Rose. The two men then left the scene.

    St. Rose was taken to the clinic on Virgin Gorda before he was transported to Tortola for further medical treatment at Peebles Hospital.

    According to court records, St. Rose was shot in the neck, chest and abdominal, but also sustained a wound to his private part as a result of one of the three shots he received.

    The crown also contended that Williams was taken into custody on October 1, 2012 and On October 2, Demming visited the Virgin Gorda Police Station where he was informed of the allegations. Both men told police that they were in a fight with St. Rose, but did not shoot him.


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