Chinese nanny executed for killing three children in failed arson plot

Chinese nanny executed for killing three children in failed arson plot
Mo Huanjing (center) stands trial in February.
Mo Huanjing (center) stands trial in February.

(THE SUN) – A Chinese nanny has been executed for killing three children in a botched arson plot where she hoped to get money from their millionaire parents.

Mo Huanjing started a blaze in the family home with the idea she would save them and get a reward for her heroic act.

But instead, the children and their mom died in the fire in their 18-floor apartment in Hangzhou, around 2 and a half hours outside of Shanghai.

The 35-year-old was sentenced to death for arson in February, after starting the fire to try and solve her gambling debts.

The children’s father escaped the deadly blaze in June 2017 as he was away on business.

Lin Shengbin told his followers on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter: “The devil Mo Huanjing is finally executed.”

The BBC reports he wrote: “Hearing the news, my tears would not stop flowing.

“I called my parents. My mother listened and cried and said that everyone has waited too long for this day.”

His followers offered him their well wishes as he said justice had been served.

It was a case that caught the attention of the nation, amid claims the firefighters were too slow to respond.

The sentencing and execution of the nanny has become a prominent reference for Chinese pro-death penalty advocates.

It is thought that China executes more people than any other country.

But as the nation is extremely secretive about the annual numbers it is hard to know definitively.

Earlier this year, The Sun reported how two Chinese drug dealers were sentenced to death in front of hundreds of school kids.

Amnesty International classed the East Asian state as the “world’s top executioner,” claiming there were thousands of death sentences that go unreported because they remain a state secret.

Across the world, at least 21,919 people are known to be under a death sentence.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan carried out 84 percent of reported executions in 2017, excluding China, totaling more than 830 people.

The last person to be sentenced to death in Britain were Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans – real name John Robson Walby – in 1964.


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