“Children and youth turning to local gang leaders as role models” – King

“Children and youth turning to local gang leaders as role models” – King
c87ac2a1774865a9e630d52d89b57921_lWIRED JA – A two-day International labour Organization (ILO) workshop on child labour has been told of a break down in law and order in St. Lucia with young people turning to gang leaders to find a “positive” role model.

Labour Minister Stephenson King called for urgent action to address the social problems as he addressed the workshop which focuses on apprenticeships, including school-to-work transition, as a response to child labour issues.

He told the conference that an October 2016 ILO rapid assessment report on child labour in St. Lucia “found that children and youth turn to local gang leaders as role models, after struggling to find positive role models in school and the community.”

King, a former prime minister, who read excerpts of the ILO document, said for years he has personally analysed and assessed the deterioration in this country’s social fabric in which families are disintegrating, while others are simply dysfunctional.

“Parental guidance is withering away and seems to be a thing of the past while our young men resort to the block, blaming the system for failing them – a reflection of their behaviour and shortcomings,” he said, adding that increasingly, there has been a break down in law and order.



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  1. Mr King need to have Several SITS. Under his regime he had a Criminal as a member of the house. This is always the case. His concern is BS and pure hypocrisy. He had an opportunity to make changes(the crime rate was terrible then) what was he doing??

    Please !!!!! Now he is a visionary, he wants to table and make suggestions..


  2. As usual more talk from Policitians, where are the actions ? There is little to NO investment in Youth and sports in this country. And we wonder why the young people turn to gangs for guidance smh


    • The idea of just investment is too vague. Sports can help only so much with discipline. There is a lack from our politicians down alright. But sports can only go so far. Not everybody can earn a living by being a sports star. That is an important part of living too.


  3. Extend the compulsory schooling-leaving age to 18. A sine-qua-non for success. Create a national service---another mission-critical component.

    Combine the largely academically-oriented primary and secondary schools with hi-tech vocational skills---far beyond what's in place today. NICE at best, is an afterthought.

    Recognize and award those with long strings of CXC passes. Yes. But dump this as the only indicator of success for students---and for schools. We keep losing sight about what schools are for. We are still using them as holding pens and as reservoirs ready to pour the overflows, quite unprepared for the world of work.

    Note this very carefully: Our educational system should be imparting lifetime skills far beyond the "the 3 Rs". Our education leaders are just too complacent.

    Yes. Indeed, lifetime work and job skills in this day and age, are more, far more a reflection of school success, for those graduating at the secondary school level, than just the number of CXC passes.

    What we have been promoting tirelessly, is the success of a just few at the expense of the many. Inequitable and survival of the fittest.

    Yet, even as we speak, we are not training those with those stellar CXC results to go on and spearhead the changes critically needed in the society, in terms of the deficit which is a repositioning of the country to address our national---and yes, international challenges today. All politics is local; to our chagrin, now that we are almost completely marginalized internationally, all politics is international.

    Create and PROMOTE life- and job-prepared hi-tech entrepreneurial school-leavers in every technical field, rather than just---high-passing rate CXC schools, that is, those with the highest number of purely academic CXC achievers. This bears repetition.

    School-leavers must be trained and equipped with job skills that enable them to create jobs---BOTH for themselves and...for others, and not just to look to others and government---after leaving school for employment and for jobs. That's the colonial education model. Give meaning to independence by growing independent people. Let's recalibrate our future.

    This fixation with our colonial education model has been a curse. It is irrelevant to our needs. Place our education institutions under national service discipline just similar to what the French do and our vocational education provision like the Germans do.

    Invite or travel to those countries to plan a better system. School will have a quasi-military discipline. But we will benefit greatly from the discipline, the order, the logic, and the personal lifelong development as useful contributors to society.

    Ignore the elements of CXC that do not dove-tail with this. And that is extremely important. Don't tout regionalism for regionalism sake.

    I cannot recall any of our education ministers, and those at the regional level, standing up for any mission-driven meaningful initiative that will recalibrate our education system to ready us, or the region for the 21st century---some 17 years after the year 2000. Can you?

    Unless most these have been mentally lazy, or just purely and incompetently going through the motions of attending meetings, we must remember this from the good book: "Man was not made for the Sabbath; the Sabbath was made for man."


  4. I believe we need more godly fathers in the homes, men that can say like Joshua for me and my house will serve the lord. Fathers responsibility is lead their children tell them about God how fear God and to respect authority. We need more God fearing men and women and society. If you are a role model in your house your children will and model after that. I so believe to many children are born out of wedlock where is no fathers in house, so are looking for some father finger on the street on the television on Facebook in world of hip-hop. So my advice is open the schools for more godly men to come men of integrity.


  5. Why do we insist on putting pressure on complete strangers to be role models for our children? Why can't we ourselves be role models for them? What special attributes do politicians possess that qualify them to be role models? We are indeed taking this thing much too far. We don''t know anything about someone, but we want that someone to assume the role of "role model" simply by virtue of the position he or she holds in society? So at what stage does a politician transition into a role model? Let us imagine an ordinary man who drinks rum, runs women, uses obscene language, and does not practise charity. Now, that man enters politics and wins his seat. Suddenly, you want him to become a role model for your child who lives miles away from him a d whose only "encounter " with him is via Television? Come on folks, drop this stupid "role model" pappy show and raise your children well. If children want role models, let them look within their own families for these role models--------their parents, their siblings, their nenens, their powens,, and so on. Do not pressure strangers to be your role models. And an important question that has been asked is, how many role models do you need to shape your life. You mean you are a robot without brains, so you need a stranger to guide you? Rubbish.


  6. Why should politicians be role models for young people? Where are these children's family members? I think we are pushing this "role model" thing too far, to the point that we are suggesting, if not demanding, that complete strangers be role models for our children. We don't even know if these strangers believe in God, if they pray, or what they do privately, outside of social media. But once the person is quiet and doing his or work professionally, we want that person to be a role model. Well,when I was growing up, my role model was my older brother who washed my diapers, who did not drink alcohol, who took me to church, and who taught me in primary school for a while. God knows how I love my older brother. And, by the way, how many role models should a young person have? I was content to have only ONE ------- my big brother. God bless his soul.


  7. The young people need to be engaged in meaningful activities like sports, music, vocational training and jobs, which would narrow their chances of getting involved in gangs. They must also see those activities as a way to better themselves. The government is best suited to make that happen. They need love from the home. They turn to gangs for acceptance, and material gain.


  8. What is new with this revelation? What are you and the government going to do to tackle that? You cannot continue to make observations you’re in the driving seat now!


    • Very true, when they were in opposition they claimed boldily they had the answers to our country problems. So far Crime has increased


  9. To quote the IMPACS Report: "Corrupt politicians and businessmen facilitating crime". We talk about the gang leaders but who controls the gang leaders? ??


  10. politicians like to talk and talk and talk... about a problem, but where are the real politicians to get the job DONE and solve the problem. Isn't this what they are paid for?


  11. Do any of you in this government consider themselves role models? Look inwardly and you will understand why young people turn to the gang leaders instead.


  12. The youth see their future (land) taken away from them. Their future looks so bleak. They are now loosing all hope.


  13. After struggling to find positive role models in school and the community or government


  14. Mr. King i agree with what you are saying , but can you blame them , look at the so call senior men in society and government, all the young people are seeing are people who got big jobs make a lot of money and stay silent, the rest commit or allegedly commit and no repercussions. Do you'll remember the Richard Frederick and Kenny Anthony exchange( all for political mileage them two embarrass themselves and the sheep that follow them called it PICON) two respected lawyers , we see a lot of people in society as white collar criminals . Come on the former judge work on constitutional reform to lesson the power of leader and for one few occurrences both sides of the house agreed to squash a lot of the recommendations, all because the boys and girls may loose some power. YOU'LL thought we were not listening. SMFH Lets not mention those who part of the secret society, we always refer to them as serving two masters . AND YOU'LL Idiot's WONDER WHY WE TURN TO THE OLD G's for guidance. St. Lucia has on the highest count of soul less men walking around in society. Fucking hell you'll even scared talk about rape in parliament, go figure we had and still continue to have women sitting in parliament. I understand why America selected trump , because the society is fed with this cloak and dagger bullshit...
    On another note , you see those secret monopolies in certain sectors that are controlled by certain families, this shit needs too stop , to those who still want to play dumb( boating = H___shaws), poultry farming can be ours but we still have trade arrangements where we still have to import 60%, (maybe we should take a page from trumps books and revised those trade agreements) then again wont hold my breathe because common sense not that common. I have so much i can say but i getting a headache , i will go link up with boss and see how couple Keys can forward. Keep you'll institution and rapists, thieves, sodomites, gangsters and lets not forget recently added PORNSTARS , the youth dont want to part of the club.. we got the internet we are not behind gods back anymore, and like the President of the club once said" you'll continue pissing in our eyes and call it rain"

    P.S the shift that happen in the U.S is happening all around the world , we got Chastnet this time, let me play out a little scenario to Lucia , most of leaders are aging , what happens when we get an extreme left wing political party who runs a political campaign similar to trump and will win , because we an aging population and for the past few years every July we have thousands coming out of school not getting jobs and not even returning to school, guess who they will vote for , not they old dirty boys and girls from the old club , it will be the young extreme left candidate. So we cry poor America , i say poor St. Lucia....


    • What are we going to do as we already know that. Do we need a survey to say that ILo crime and poverty are related? Do we need ILo to say that we have a poverty crisis and are overtaxed? Do we need them to say state resources are mismanaged? Do we need them to tell us that Government has failed? Do we need them to tell us that state institutions have political guard dogs to support their own? Do we need them to tell us why they gravitating towards the ills of society? Do we need them to tell us that criminals are cowards? Do we need them to show us where the criminals live? Do we need them to tell us that there is no Rule of Law? Do ween them to tell us that our leaders want to live an american life on a st. Lucian budget? Do we need them to tell us that some people benefit from a failed system? #Anti-Corruption Act 2017.


  15. King and his government colleagues need to stop repeating what has been said over and over for years now, and start taking action to deal with the problems.
    Right now the St. Lucian society is deteriorating rapidly - 2017 is on course to be the year with the highest murder toll - while King and his colleagues seem to be looking on like helpless bystanders.


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