Child pregnancy case being investigated by Human Services

Child pregnancy case being investigated by Human Services
Human Services Department Director Elizabeth Lewis.
Human Services Department Director  Elizabeth Lewis.
Human Services Department Director Elizabeth Lewis.

The Human Services Department has confirmed the case involving an 11-year-old girl from Micoud being five months pregnant to be true.

Director of Human Services, Elizabeth Lewis, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Thursday, not only has her department received the report, but the matter is now being handled by her staff.

“We are handling the matter. At this point I prefer not to say much, just to say that we are aware of the case and we are dealing with it. We don’t want to say too much at this time,” she explained.

Since the incident occurred in the Micoud South constituency, this publication made contact with the Parliamentary Representative, Arsene James, who expressed shock, but said he was unaware of the case.

James said, “I haven’t heard of it. Nobody mentioned it to me. It sounds very strange…11-year-old? That is something that you do not often hear about. You would hear about a 15-year-old and 16-year-old, but 11?”

The child, who is a grade six student, was confirmed pregnant on Monday, following a visit to the hospital.

It is alleged that a 17-year-old boy who lives in the same community, allegedly had sex with her and may be the person responsible for her pregnancy.

The matter is also being investigated by the police.


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  1. While the 17 year old is wrong for having sex with her , did he rape her ?! Yll acting surprised that a 11 year old pregnant , like we don't hear their conversations and see their kind of posts on face book . We leave our children unattended and without direction , dressing them like adults from the time they are babies . They in adult conversations and we encourage them . I am 5 months pregnant and my belly showing that little girl wasn't showing from 3 months ? Now the mother want the boy jailed ? They should take the children from her because she not minding her business. We have 13 to 15 year Olds that have more sex conversations with adult men than those who have age for sexual.intercourse . They know every position I myself at 29 years old know nothing about ! While I am against having sex with minors , they cases need to be investigated properly and action should not be taken on one side . The young girls know exactly what they doing ! And let's not start with the bs about they are starved for attention and looking for it else where , at 10 you know good touch from bad touch . BatieZ!


  2. It is quite possible for the parent to be unaware that her child was sexually active and two that she had missed a period. HOW?At 11she may not even had a menstruation but was sexually active prior to her first menstruation. In that case her first egg was fertilized before it could die and breakdown into a menstrual flow. If such was the case then how does a mother know that her child missed a period? I am just saying before we become all judgemetal lets look at the bigger picture. I am a school teacher in a neighbouring island and a few years ago we had a similiar case with a girl who had just turned 13. She had no idea what a period was so it can happen. At the end of the day it comes down to sex education in schools and communication between parents and children.


  3. I really cannot understand that a mother of an 11 year old would not monitor her daughter menstrual cycle on a monthly basis.Therefore it is impossible for her to pregnant for five years without her knowing.This mother have to be taught mothering. Very sad.Now a child will be raising a child.Human sevices please give her the necessary support during and after this period.


    • lol pregnant for 5 years. Anyhow perhaps the child did not go through menarche ( first period as yet) so it would be impossible for the mother to monitor..


  4. Don't put that young man in the Mucous Police Station. You know how the police hanging people there.
    Just remember that.


  5. I get agitated when every time this sort of thing happens this virtually dysfunction department comes out making public statements. It is their responsibility to reach out to the communities and schools in an effort to identify situations in which vulnerable children are subjected to any form of abuse. Nobody cares before the fact. It's always after the fact people come out and talk all kinds rubbish and the matter is quietly phased out while all the underlying causes remain. WE MUST LEARN TO BE PROACTIVE IN ST. LUCIA. Only then we maybe able to see some positive results.


  6. I don't know whether the parent should be blamed in that situation or not. I am not sure whether she was aware of her daughter being sexual active. PARENTS ARE NOT ALWAYS TO BE BLAMED. My mom was a single mom. Our dad past away when we were very young, so that left her to be mom and dad to two kids. She worked two jobs to take care of us. A day job at an office and a night job in a hotel. It was hard but all our needs were met. She left us home in our older cousin care. Long story short I wanted to act grown and got pregnant at 13 for a 16 yr old. When my mom found out she was shocked,ashamed felt like she let us down. Now really did my mom do anything wrong. Was she to be blamed. I don't think so.


  7. If it is rumored that she is sexually active, then proceed to ask her to name all the boys and men she has slept with.

    Also I hope, it is a case where any "arrangement" to buy her silence will be monitored.
    Not sure whether the mother was neglectful also whether she is ashamed, but I hope she will not influence the child as well in an effort to lessen this situation.

    We know all to well the types of arrangement which exists when such atrocities happen.


  8. Yes yall are dealing with it... The very same way you all dealt with little Milan . One less child to worry about? Cold but it is the fact. We wont hear about that case in a day or so. Take action and send a strong message to the others!!!!


  9. This is a sick country, we have turned a blind eye to paedophile for to long . We are all guilty.
    Grotesque rapes suicides paedophile is now the norm. Prominent individuals can carry out these acts and then pay their out of facing the consequences .
    I am ashamed to be a St Lucian
    The politicians have a lot to answer, those with so called integrity by the their silence
    are just as guilty shame on you all, those who threaten legal actions to try and hide their actions should be ashamed of themselves


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