CHF Observes International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse and International Children’s Day.

CHF Observes International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse and International Children’s Day.

childPRESS RELEASE – Today and tomorrow are two special days for children all over the world, considering that both days focus on highlighting issues affecting the welfare of the most precious resource of the world.

Today, 19th November is marked as International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse; whereas, 20th November is celebrated as International Children’s Day.

The former focuses on bringing attention to an unwanted ill of society, with the intention of riding society of child abuse. Child abuse is any unaccidental action or lack of action which harms or threatens the well-being of a child.


The issue of child abuse is of particular concern to Caring Hands Foundation considering the recent surge in reported cases of child abuse in St. Lucia. It should be noted that at its worst, children lose their lives as a result of child abuse.

Though encompassing matters relating to child abuse, 20th November is a day to give recognition to issues pertaining to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Caring Hands Foundation notes that while children are afforded a number of rights the government, families, communities have a responsibility to create the needed environment for the realization of such rights.


Also, children do have a responsibility to work towards a materialization of their rights. Thus, Caring Hands Foundation invites everyone to play a part in implementing actions that advance the growth and development of our beloved children.

In collaboration with the Vieux-Fort Primary School, Caring Hands Foundation commemorated both days in the form of a school assembly. This activity was held today at the Vieux-Fort Primary School commencing at 9:30 am. The assembly featured poems, songs, and the recognizing of students for excellence in sports and academics.

Also, Kendall Elva, a trained social worker and public relations officer of CHF addressed the students on issues pertaining to child abuse prevention. Overall, the purpose of this activity was to sensitive the student body on the impact of child abuse and strategies that can be employed to curb the incidence of child abuse especially on an individual level.

Happy International Children’s Day to every St. Lucian child.


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