Cheryl Clarke, Yana Auguste, Samdai Fraser cases going cold?

Cheryl Clarke, Yana Auguste, Samdai Fraser cases going cold?
Cheryl Clarke (left) and Yanna Auguste
Cheryl Clarke (left) and Yanna Auguste
Cheryl Clarke (left) and Yana Auguste

Police have still not made any breakthrough in the violent deaths of three women this year: Cheryl Clarke, Yana Auguste and Samdai Fraser.

A senior police official told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that in the Auguste case “we’re hoping that sometime soon we will have something”.

The officer said Auguste’s case is still being treated as a homicide. Initially, police were summoned to the scene of a vehicular accident.

Regarding Fraser’s death, SNO was told that there have been no good leads so far.

Clarke’s case has not yielded any results either, and also remains cold.

However, in all three cases, the official said investigations are continuing.

Samdai Fraser's home.
Samdai Fraser’s home.

The 51-year-old Clarke was shot multiple times at the intersection of Broglie and Brazil Street, Castries, shortly after midnight on June 26, 2015. Clarke of Bexon Castries.

At the scene police officers discovered an abandoned vehicle with what appeared to be a bullet hole in the driver’s door and bullet holes in the driver’s seat.

A post mortem examination revealed that Clarke died as a result of hemorrhagic shock due to multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen.

The semi-nude body of Auguste, a 32-year-old resident of Reduit, Gros-Islet, was found at the bottom of Anse Chastanet Hill in Soufriere on July 13, 2015, near a partially submerged Suzuki Swift motor car.

Auguste’s body, clad only in underwear, was found on the rocks, near the wreckage, with head injuries. A post mortem examination revealed that she died as a result of physical trauma and asphyxia.

Two men who were being questioned in connection with her death have been released.

Meanwhile, Fraser, the mother of a police officer, was found by her husband at her house in Cedar Heights, Vieux-Fort on July 20, 2015.

The 59-year-old was found lying face-down in a pool of blood, with a rope around her neck and plastic bag around her mouth and neck.

Her face had apparently been slammed to the floor of her home, police officials have said.

It is believed that Fraser may have walked in on a burglary in progress and knew her killers very well.

Reports are that several items were missing from her home: two cell phones, one 32-inch TCL television, one iPad and one Play Station 3 game consoles.

Police believe that more than one person is responsible for the brutal murder.

A post mortem examination concluded that she died of asphyxia.


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  1. Well aka,in 2012.I recorded a song about women eating man money in St.lucia and the Radio stations did not want to play the song because,they felt that i was degrading women.Look now you as a woman can prove it yourself.Manje lan jean Nombre.You never heard that song?It's on the world jamrock rhythm by Junior Gong.


    • are right and that's what they don't want to hear,believe that's will not stop,you brought the message out,I don't live in st Lucia and I never heard the song but the talk has been around, a man will never just watch a woman and kill her,I'm not saying it's right to do that, but the men go out to work hard,my mother told me as a young child don't accept anything from nobody especially from men,they will want something in RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women take examples


  2. AKA,come on i really didn't expect you to say or make references with Yana case on this money eating vibes you talking about there.There are some women who does that but,you as a gentlemen can get that kind of attitude in those women body-language before you go about giving them your money.Once you notice these women are asking a lot.That is enough for even proceeding further with them.So,don't do that to Yana family.she was working for her money.That,is totally unaceptable from you aka.Please,appologies on such statements.You don't or should murder any woman for owing you money in the first instance.People conscience can beat them after awhile you know!!


    • I'm not referring to Yana direct, its only a point, all the young women now a days that's exactly what they're doing, may be you haven't heard of this, but it's the talk around about women and Mooney,no one should ever have to take someone life,hey but maybe this might be a wake up call, have you ever sat and wonder why these women are being killed? Why would someone just watch and kill a person if they didn't have some connection with this individual? Its very saddened to hear about young women being murdered,or maybe the individuals involved might be the wrong person,anyway you put it, there was a reason this happened, I know men gets jealous, and if this was the reason for relationship, most men commit suicide, well that's turned around,I knew some day this would be happening in st Lucia, because of the fast and furious life styles people are living. Most women are never satisfied even if they have a job, let me tell you brother sandiford even when men travel abroad they talk about this, I don't live in St Lucia, these things never used to be happening before, it's a shame, but the truth, no one wants to say it loud . other women will not talk about this, because they do prostituion, this has been going on for such a long time but now the men can't take it no more, so my advice to women is keep your legs tightly closed.


  3. Not a word on whats going on at the Court House neither the Forensic Lab. You can add Fire Service to that, police-IMPACS and Lambirds. Meanwhile he finds the time to slap on a law which can criminalize you for forgetting your license. Since when the obligation to produce license upon demand prevent someone from driving illegally? IN fact we would be more than happy to sue the Ministry of Infrastructure for damages to reputation if it reneges on its responsibility to provide us with it on time. Those who are illegal may even now have the urge to produce a fake at that.

    Why not a law requiring everyone to produce their ID on demand? After all the identities of persons arrested by police can be ascertained instantaneously, not to mention if the person is found dead or in a state where he cannot produce that information. Where does the priority of this government lie? Is it in building a building for the PM and Constructing a 4 lane highway?


  4. And guess what? They gonna have a press conference to tell you just that. What is the Minister saying? What about his press conference? Bear, Bear-lel, lesh.


  5. Gasa just check a garde. sometimes its the only way. Use evil to deal with evil! all now so names calling if is my people.


  6. But information is leaked by the police to the media putting witnesses life in danger, people are scared


  7. This case will have to remain cold because, I'm just learning about who this woman is, I'm shocked that she's the sister of the late Bonnie Clarke,I don't want to go into more details but I'm going to say this, Jonnie was a notorious drug lord he lived in my area , up to present the wife still lives there, he was in a relationship with a girl name Angela, he killed that girl in an accident deliberately out of jealousy, this girl mother took it so hard she died out of a heart attack up to this present time the family never got justice, when he was killed everyone in the neighborhood was a sound of relief, he drove the street like it was him, so in life what you do to people you pay for it, I don't know much about Cheryl but just reading the comments, that stinks!!!!!!!!!

    yana.....things happens for a reason the young women now a days like to eat the men money,they want a man for everything, Carnival Costumes, Jazz,Boat Ride,Even Boxtox, they want to live like the American people ,everything they see they want, they want flat screen, Tablet, a man for each so when they don't give the men what they want that's they end up into, if anyone did that to her is for a reason, look at all them young women that are been killed, it ha to be out of jealousy but it comes with a price, when I was growing as a young woman, my told us don't bring anything to her house she didn't buy for us and I learnt to be independent until now, men give you something, they want back in return, if you refuse your life in danger, I can asure this never happened in my family because we were brought up highly mannered until now,each one of us is well placed in life with a suitable job, women must have self esteem and stop men from abusing them, its time to wake up, don't love men for money love your own.

    Frazer........something went wrong, the attackers knew what they were doing, maybe it could have been that she had them to work for her and didn't want to pay them, so they ended up taking their payment on her and stealing items in the house, people don't just do things out ragelously, anything that happens is premeditated,


  8. But no surprise there. When have you ever heard police in st Lucia solve any cases. The only thing sad is we lose our love ones with out any justice being rendered to the families.


  9. Our police are worthless.They were getting physical training from the US.So,where are those training to find the criminals who murdered these people?Training for combat and not the investigative aspects of policing?To me the US should just take our SSU,to Iran-Iraq Siria, instead.Training to shoot its own people that is what our police are receiving from the US.Nothing in knowing how to capture evidence to revolve those murders past,present and future on this island per say.


  10. so my mothers case is going cold ,what a surprise the there has been no Leeds in the case I thought the police force was give a picture of the suspect or the person that MiGHT be responsible, we have media the picture could have been posted online or placed on the television, but to no avail . Ladies and gentlemen of this lovely and beautiful Island plz join me in a round of applause for the royal St Lucia police force also to the community's we live in that allow such acts to happen and we refuse to act or stand up a say enough is enough


  11. Let's face it. If the lawyers' Breakfast Club don't want these cases solved then they won't be.


  12. All the donations.of forensic kits that are given to the police yet it is not being put into use in solving those crimes. And the perpetrators are walking among us free. What a crying shame.


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