CHEMICO issues scam alert

CHEMICO issues scam alert
Urban Jn Marie

PRESS RELEASE – Please be advised that Urban Jn Marie is no longer employed with Chemical Manufacturing (CHEMICO).

We have received numerous reports from our customers that he has been soliciting money on behalf of the company with excuses such as Company vehicle has broken down and in dire need of assistance.

DO NOT under any circumstances gives monies or assistance to this individual.

Many of our customers and other persons have become victims of his scam.

Please make a report to the Police if this individual approaches you or if you know his whereabouts.


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  1. Why don't we post all our corrupt politicians on like this guy and black list them because we know they cost the country much more than this guy cost that company. You see how fast we react when is our personal business. Government does not belong to us i guess!


  2. Does Urban Jn Marked have any idea the scale of enterprise whose reputation he is allegedly (allegations not proven in court) besmirching?

    If I were him and he's actually been doing what he's being accused of, I'd watch my back and also never expect to work at a decent paying job ever again if the magically appears on an island-wide employability black list.

    On the other hand, he was terminated for whatever reason that might be questionable, he better have deep pockets for an employment lawyer else say a prayer and hope that there is a contingency-based lawyer ("if we lose, you don't pay') that thinks he has a snowball's chance in Hades of winning a settlement, a large portion of which will go to the contingency lawyer.

    Either way, not a pleasant situation, particularly given the alleged post-employment hustling aspect, perhaps the proverbial kiss of death" employability-wise.


    • Hey Calvin,

      So basically, Chemico has taken it on their own to attempt to ruin this guy's life forever by posting his pic? Has he been found guilty of the crime? Was his dismissal within legal means? So many questions and yet the entire nation is seeing his face as a criminal! hmmm- his defense attorney is probably smiling.

      On the other hand the true hardcore gruesome criminals are laughing with us each day ( we have no clue what they look like), waiting for us to sleep so they could violate our right to live!


      • Law 101, thank you for taking the time to articulate and share your observations.

        I think that you will find in Law 201 that there are very clear decortications with respect to public safety advisories regarding one-off fraudsters and the investigation and decisions made as to prosecute organized crime.

        You sound like a keen student of law. I encourage you to read your textbooks carefully, and look forward to when, upon being called to the bar, your strongly-expressed sense of social justice will empower you to represent as Counsel such blatantly unfair accusations against Mr. Marie on a pro bono basis for advancing the public good.

        In the interim, perhaps yu might want to start am on-line petition on a site such as demanding that the public safety advisory against Mr. Marie be banned such that no one is aware of what he is being acccused of. Perhaps also lobby the RSLPF to also ban publication of all wanted posters.

        If that gig doesn't work out for you, i'm certain that there are plenty of boutique practices that are seeking contingency lawyers for personal motor vehicle accident injuries. And don't you worry yourself that they are known looslely as "ambulance chasers", i am sure that you will be able to make a positive difference to the profession.

        Happy New Year.


    • All i need to know if they have a prove on Urban they doing that to spoil his name this company. Is very bad uh


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