Chefs battle at National Culinary Competition

Chefs battle at National Culinary Competition

(SNO) — As part of Saint Lucia’s Independence activities, 50 chefs from hotels and restaurants around the island competed in a National Culinary Competition hosted by the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, last weekend.

The chefs were vying for a spot on the Saint Lucia national culinary team, to contest the winner of the Taste of the Caribbean (TOC) Competition, to be held in June.

The participants competed in four categories, with the hope of capturing the titles of chef of the year, junior chef, seafood chef, and beef chef.

Chef Richardson Skinner, the team manager, said the judges focus on areas such as menu accuracy, safety, and presentation.

“We’ve set very high standards because when we go to Miami they have very high standards,” said Chef Skinner. “But more than anything else, we want all chefs who participate in this competition to improve on their professionalism when they step into the kitchen.”

The competition was held at the Castries Comprehensive School last weekend.

Britney Henry, from the community of Marigot, is vying for the title of junior chef.

“I am still new to this industry but the experience along the way is good. I prepared sweet potato and coconut mash with a pumpkin puree, and crispy spinach. I made a rub for my flank steak with cocoa, nutmeg, sugar, and coffee, and I made a ginger red wine sauce. I’m satisfied with how it turned out. I know that there is always room for improvement but I’m grateful for the experience.”

The final leg of the National Culinary Competition will take place this weekend.


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