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Che Campeche Inc to perform in Florida

By SNO Staff

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A Saint Lucian organization based in Palm Beach, Florida dubbed the Children of Helen Alliance Inc, will be hosting Che Campeche Inc in South Florida on Sunday, February 15 at 6pm at the Plantation High School Auditorium in Plantation, Florida.

Treasurer of the organisation, Anastasia Fevrier said the event is a way of sharing “our culture and heritage with people of various backgrounds. It also serves to foster in our children born in this country a sense of who they are, hoping that they will take pride in their native homeland.”

Children of Helen in Palm Beach Fl. Inc., was incorporated on December 20th, 2010 as a non-profit organization under the provisions of chapter 617 of the Florida statutes.

The group was founded by civic minded Saint Lucian residents in Palm Beach, Florida who wanted to form an organization that would represent Saint Lucia, “our island of heritage” by making positive contributions to our communities in both Florida and St. Lucia.

The organisation seeks to promote social and cultural interaction amongst Saint Lucians and other national groups in Florida, whereby creating a framework for Saint Lucians to contribute towards the empowerment of people of St Lucian and other Caribbean heritage.

The organization’s goals are: promote Saint Lucian heritage by fostering mutual relationships through community involvement with other groups and provide educational assistance to people of Saint Lucian and Caribbean heritage.

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  1. Can't wait for them to get to Houston next month.

  2. Its a pity some people attending will not get the gist of the patois presentation which makes it very entertaining.Good luck and safe flight.

  3. great go calton cyril

  4. I already bought my tickets will not miss it for he world.

  5. can i come along please? i am begging.


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