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Chastanet’s decision to fire King? Nope, says Chastanet


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Allen Chastanet

United Workers Party (UWP) Political Leader Allen Chastanet has brushed aside suggestions that the decision to oust Stephenson King as opposition leader was “his decision”.

Chastanet, speaking at the party’s press briefing on Tuesday, was adamant that it was a step taken by the entire party, and was simply a matter of honouring the UWP’s constitution.

He also noted it was all in stride with efforts to modernise the party under the vision of founder and former prime minister, Sir John Compton.

“The decisions that we have had to make, as difficult as they are, have been made substantially easier by the process that we have recently been through in developing a vision, mission and values of the party,” the former tourism minister said.

Chastanet took over the leadership of the party after defeating King, a former prime minister, 264-99, at the UWP’s 37th National Convention in July 2013.

Since the elections, party factions loyal to Chastanet and King have not been seeing eye to eye.

Things came to a head recently when reports surfaced of a power struggle in the party after a letter from Chastanet to King was leaked to the public.

In the letter, Chastanet took offense with King’s decision to agree to attend a meeting with Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and other stakeholders to discuss the impact of the Christmas Eve trough, without consulting him.

Since the letter was leaked, various officials within the party have publicly aired their views on the matter, prompting political opponents and pundits to declare infighting and disunity in the UWP.

An emergency meeting with the party’s National Council Meeting was held last Sunday, January 19.

Following the meeting, Party Chairman Ezechiel Joseph told reporters that the party was in the process of reviewing its constitution to put to rest an outstanding issue with one of the party’s high-ranking positions.

He had said: “One (of the decisions taken) was the aspect of our elections officer and how we can move forward with the situation that we’re now faced with. Our (party’s) constitution is in conflict with the constitution of the land, so it’s something we have to review as a party. We are going through the process of reviewing our constitution which we hope will be accomplished before our next island council meeting scheduled for August.”

Another key decision taken on Sunday had to do with the leader of the opposition, whose roles the delegates have indicated need to be amended.

“The delegates felt that there’s a need to make some changes with regards to that situation. I want to inform the press that the leader of the opposition and the political leader have agreed to have a joint appearance on Tuesday morning with the press to discuss further collaboration,” the party chairman told the media on Sunday.

However, at today’s press briefing Chastanet was present but King was not.

At the briefing, Chastanet said the country needs an opposition leader who will “act as a cohesive voice in parliament to challenge, represent and guard the interest of the citizens of this country”.

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  1. Mr.Chastanet playing dumb when he knows his the reason why Mr. King was removed but dont worry karma coming for him. The only way Chastanet could win a seat is if he pay for it and he doesn't have that kind of money. Chastanet means des for power and a failure.

  2. Chastanet, speaking at the party’s press briefing on Tuesday, was adamant that it was a step taken by the entire party, and was simply a matter of honouring the UWP’s constitution.
    Really? Is it not true that he had to corral the signing four into unanimity, in order to resolve the dichotomy, between the constitution of the UWP and that of the country?
    What about the times when Dr. Morella Joseph and Dr. Vaughn Lewis were political leader, without being parliamentarians?
    Remember Marius Wilson, Marcus Nicholas ans Arsene James?
    Does not the UWP constitution not call for annual conventions? When was the one last one held, before 2013?

  3. Don't worry Chastenet you sitting on a sink hole time will tell. Soon come.

  4. King should not have to give up sh...(above). Who the hell is Allen Chastanet? Now they appoint a bald head blackbird who will do all that massa says. St. Lucia has regressed 50 years back. This one little so called white boy is allowed to just destroy a nation whilst lucians sit idly by....F.... crazy

    • who will do all that massa says

      That exactly what chastanet want because he want someone to control or in their own phrase submissive.He wants a uwp wife to be submissive to him as the uwp husband lol. Dont worry all those who oppose king st. lucia will be small when they will have to run.

  5. In my honest and logical opinion, King should have given up the post as soon as his party lost the election to Labour, because he failed as a leader, to lead his party to victory.

    • Yeah, he should have the same way Kenny Anthony did in 2006.

    • Which is harder? To win an election or to win your seat? In my opinion, winning my seat should have been easier. With all the resources at his disposal, Chastenet couldn't win his seat. How now, is he expected to win an election? I just don't know.

      We have removed a square peg and replaced him with a triangle peg and try to fit him in a round hole.



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