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Castries, Saint Lucia, Monday October 18, 2021:– Saint Lucia’s Opposition Leader is having second thoughts about his immediate political future, including whether he’ll continue leading his party, now that it’s in opposition.

That much became clear in an exclusive interview earlier this week that UWP Leader Allen Chastanet gave to a United Workers Party (UWP) propagandist hosting a daily radio and TV broadcast the party started ahead of the recent election campaign.

But the interview, widely quoted in the local media, has apparently caused more confusion than before as to when or whether the former Prime Minister will continue leading the defeated UWP.

Using key code words like “self-introspection”, “reflecting” and “soul searching”, Chastanet — who won the Micoud South seat in the July 26 General Elections but has remained conspicuously absent from home, has also not attended any meeting of the new parliament — commented extensively on how much he’s been looking into the mirror since he led the party into its second-worst defeat ever.

Chastanet has reportedly tendered his resignation as Party Leader, as required by the UWP Constitution following any election loss.

But he said he’ll await the party’s formal review of why and how it lost — and the findings will influence whether he stays, or goes.

Nonetheless, the UWP Leader did not indicate whether he wanted to remain, of if he wants to go, whether he’ll jump the proverbial cliff, or wait to be pushed.

And if the interview was meant to clarify his position, the former PM’s words may have left even more uncertainty.

Chastanet said that following the compilation and discussion of a report on the findings of the party’s investigations into why it lost, party members will have to decide “if they want me to continue” or if they prefer “to go in a new direction…”

He also stated, however, that even before meeting with the party to discuss his future, “I must first have a good sense of where I myself want to go.”

Citing the loss of nine of the eleven seats the party held in the last parliament as “not reflective of the will of the people”, Chastanet however acknowledged that “There were some results shocking to me, which causes one to reflect and try to understand…”

He also said there are “some clear things” the party will need to assess, but the Party Leader was totally non-committal on how long he will take to make his mind up.

All he would say is there’ll be “no final decision until later in the year…”

However, Chastanet also insisted: “I must first sort myself out…”

The former prime minister also made new use of an old proverb to send a clear message that while he’ll be willing to go, he’s also just as willing to stay.

He told his friendly partisan interviewer he’ll go with whatever flow party members choose, “but I won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!”

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  • #The Fox

    October 23, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    Seniors like myself will remember the song:- ” Don’t cry for me Argentina” – well let that old Fox tell you, don’t cry even a single tear for Chas;
    The guy is a Chastanet, I don’t think for one moment he came into politics to fatten his purse. He was born rich, his father a hard working man who started with a small home made boat with a Johnson motor, then became one of the richest and most prosperous business man St. Lucia have ever known. I bet you, this man ain’t finished with St. Lucia, “the Baby in the bath water” be it politics, his private Business or whatever. It’s easy for some to say “I quit, no mas, nada mas” but not a Chastanet. If you don’t have guts, the intestinal fortitude, if it becomes too hot for you, then get out of the Kitchen. Savvy?


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