Chastanet withholds comment on suggestion of Kenny Anthony for OAS secretary general

Chastanet withholds comment on suggestion of Kenny Anthony for OAS secretary general
Chastanet (left) and Dr. Anthony
Chastanet (left) and Dr. Anthony

CASTRIES, St Lucia Feb. 22, CMC – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has withheld comment on a suggestion that his predecessor in office, Dr. Kenny Anthony, be considered for the post of Secretary General of the Organisation of American States (OAS).

Former Trinidad and Tobago diplomat, Reginald Dumas, has declared that Anthony would be his candidate of choice.

Dumas made the recommendation while urging the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to consider nominating a candidate to oppose the current OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, who has indicated a willingness to seek a second consecutive term.

CARICOM has expressed its ‘deep concern’ over Almargo’s actions and statements, the latest concerning upcoming elections in Dominica for which the island’s government is reported to have demanded an apology.

Asked whether, if it came to that, he would support Dr. Kenny Anthony’s candidacy, Prime Minister Chastanet said: ”We are a long way from getting to that position.”

He also explained that it would have to be discussed with his cabinet before giving an official position.

“I have a very good cabinet. We have always been inclusive. I have always indicated that I am a chairman of leaders,” Chastanet said during a live radio broadcast.

Chastanet said policy decisions would have to be taken as a party and then brought before cabinet.

“Ultimately, it lies with cabinet to make that decision,” he explained.

“In terms of what you are speaking of, we are a long way from that happening and so I would not want to give comment on something like that until it actually manifests itself and once it is potentially there, then we will have that discussion,” the prime minister stated.


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  1. If Kenny wants the job of Secretary General of the OAS then do whatever you can
    for him to get the post. It would be good for St.Lucia for us to get a window into
    hidden opportunities for the young and also for business. It would be good for Kenny
    for a man of his stature to move up rather than be bored in a dead end job in V/Fort
    sorry my friend, it's only my opinion. I think the P.M. should be magnanimous in doing
    the right thing if Mr. Anthony really want this position, such don't come around that often.


    • Post our problems away. There is more idle time and meaningless speeches to made there.


  2. The PM's focus is on ordinary Saint Lucians. Some people already have their bread buttered on all sides.

    That said, how much credence do you give to some opinions, when the tenor regarding education at the tertiary level sounds like this. Do not. Do not educate graduates to a high level because they will become attractive to other countries and create a brain drain. Is this a clarion call for institutional mediocrity? If not, then what?

    Graduates are better when they are brain dead? See what has happened following the decades when such deep wisdom came from our high places. We have seen leaders, from want of a better word, struggle with leaders of business from other countries for example. They failed to match up with the skills of foreign counterparts thus costing our country in particular, nominally, over $300 million dollars. We have much to learn.


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