Chastanet welcomes Sarah Flood-Beaubrun to UWP leadership contest

Chastanet welcomes Sarah Flood-Beaubrun to UWP leadership contest
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.
UWP Leader Allen Chastanet.
UWP Leader Allen Chastanet.

Incumbent Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has welcomed Sarah Flood-Beaubrun’s decision to compete for the leadership post at the next party convention.

Chastanet said Flood-Beaubrun’s nomination is an indication that democracy is still alive and stronger than ever in the UWP and said he looks forward to the decision on November 15.

“I am very happy that the party could attract a person of that caliber,” he told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview today, Monday, (October 19).

Asked whether he is concerned that Flood-Beaubrun could replace him at the next party convention, Chastanet said he is not, because “there are no winners or losers in the UWP on an individual basis.”

“It is what makes the party stronger.  The delegates have always known who that person is,” he said.

The former tourism minister told SNO that he is comfortable with the work that he has put in to help strengthen the UWP, noting that he always wanted his mandate to be renewed.

“But if in fact the party wants to remove me, I am fine with that. But I mean I am very comfortable and confident about the work that I have achieved and the level of response I have received.”

Chastanet reiterated his satisfaction with the fact that more people are being encouraged to get involved in party politics and said he is optimistic that this would help to build a stronger UWP.

Questioned as to whether he would be open to working with Flood-Beaubrun if she is elected leader, Chastanet said he is willing to work with everyone, all in the best interest of the party.

“If that is what the party wants, then yes. I am only one person. I believe I still have a lot to contribute to party but if that is the decision, I would stand by the decision,” he ended.

The last person to challenge Chastanet was well-known economist Dr. Claudius Preville. Preville lost his bid to become leader of the UWP at the party’s 38th Convention, which was held during November 2014.


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  2. I want st.lucians to ask them selves why is it that spider and king what to bring back Richard that is because he has them by the BALLS. THE QUESTION IS WHY? FOOD FOR THOUGHT PEOPLE FOOD FOR THOUGHT


  3. Mr. Chastnet took the UWP out of a deep brown sea. Since the time of Henry Giraudy and Sir John, Vaughn Lewis Stephenson King, Had no structure, If Allen was afraid he would not allow a convention so close to an election like his form leaders and Kenny and SLP. Joke you making. I think Sarah I have some level of admiration for, but what some know she does like to work her way up. She want to fly direct to the top or no way. If she really wants people support. I would like to see her march on Thursday and bring King And Spider with her. It would be a start to help further unify the party. The UWP is unified and hand full of persons who has always held decisions to ransom for selfish gain are playing games. It shows that Allen has the ability to lead even under the most trying time. ASK KING WHY WAS RF VISA REVOKED OH KENNY ALSO. THEY TRYING TO PROTECT HIM TILL THE CAMPAIGN START OF POLITICAL DESTRUCTION TO ALLEN AND GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. As Minister of Health Sarah turned Victoria's A&E into a first class facility that the SLP destroyed after she left. She was only around 29 years at the time with no experience. Common sense says this is the type of person who would make a difference.

    She will do everything to make St Lucia succeed.
    Contrast that with the billions spent and borrowed by Kenny or the problems Allan had in govt and his overspending.

    There is so much division with Allan now how do you think he will survive when the polls already sho Kenny beating him?

    Labour will puch for Allen to win because they know the only way to retain power is for Allen to be there come election time.
    We all know that.
    On the ground we hear they fear Sarah because a lot of SLPs will defect and vote for her if she is the UWP leader.
    It would be a landslide.


    • If thats your argument i would ran in allens corner faster now. Sarah will do well to toe the line after she is dealt with. She knows she is against it. Coming in when all the hard work is done dont ever sit well with those delegates. Comes out as opportunistic. Allen will win in another landslide. They have seen it all before with preville


  5. Sarah is no different to all the other politicians. Remember how she treated the same people who voted for her in Central Castries during her time? All was so happy when she lost her seat...she's no different!!! We need fresh new blood....Sarah, you will not get my support because you are just as hypocritical as all the whole bunch!!!


    • I believe Ms. Beaubrun does not fit in well with the riff-raff mentality of maypwee politics that is so much the most distinguishing character of almost all of politicians in the two major parties from the very tippy top to all the yardfowls at the bottom.

      She has class. She is no country bookie. Saint Lucians have great difficulty accepting this. Give us people with ready-made excuses like "We are SIDS, therefore we are doing what is expected of us. We are doing just as badly as the worst countries in the world."

      She knows and respects parliamentary procedure which is not a defining characteristic of even the most highly worshiped man-made gods in both the SLP and the UWP.

      If she will listen to sound advice, not what we have seen our politicians implement to win votes and not much else. Armed with a vision to see Saint Lucia go head and shoulders above the other struggling Caribbean countries, without palms stretched out without SLP's begging bowl type ministers and followers. this island nation will have a positive future. Up to now, Saint Lucia is still enjoying SLP's misery called "Better days".




  7. A lot of blah blah but it all boils down to Election Day not November 15th. On Election Day we will all see who did their homework.


  8. I think sarah should give allen support, but do not push for leadership. Am supporting her but at this stage I think chastenet have it covered. I hope she do not draw herself into guys like spider, king, mary and others. As for richard his irrelevant. Sarah we need your support not your leadership at this stage.


  9. Am not afraid for Sarah, she's a woman of substance and she can stand her ground. If Sarah and Chas would put their heads to gether and really UNITE the UWP, SLP in problems.


  10. Captain the ship is sinking:
    I do believe the two party members has the right to challenge for the lead role in the UWP party, at one time or other both individual has contributed to further its goal, also in my view the party has suffered lots of setbacks as a result of super star John, during the rough months which turn into years the party look tired as do so many members in its ranks.
    If not for the vintage background set by some giants in the party I do believe it would have faded into nothing, however there were some members who remain loyal at the hem and fought it out even though their role was not that glamorous.
    Mr. Chastanet stayed, and has never flinch from the role given yes he deserve a chance to continue doing what he does best lead by example, of course if he fails himself then there are others that can make it home with the baton.
    So run Alan run your time has come to shine show that you are capable, I believe in you believe in yourself and stir this ship into safe harbor captain.


  11. Joe, @ 4:31.

    I don't agree with you. You don't know the history of this woman.
    You have to go back to the beginning when she was in the SLP and
    what made her leave. She is no asset to any Political Party today. But
    we live in a democratic society and anyone is free to exercise their privilege
    as seen fit. Jumping here and jumping there is not my idea of stability and faithfulness
    but, lets give everyone a chance, stick around and watch how the players dance here.


  12. I must have a long memory or people choose to forget in the name of politics. Was she the one who left Labour and join One and left them in the lurch.


  13. When the news hit this morning of Sarah Flood going for the leadership of the UWP the response on the road seems very good for the party. There was a lot of good talk.
    The problem with Chastanet seems that he is not connecting with people and his personality does not go down well with others.
    It looks like the SLP will be pushing for him to win the leadership because that is the only way they can win the next elections. Even the UWPs own polls showed Kenny was beating Allan which is why they will not publish that poll.
    Sarah is a golden opportunity for a landslide for the UWP come next elections.


    • 17-0 in favour of the UWP and LPM. SLP zero! No more better days!

      Put real really smart people back into government for once. Down with all this fuss about being book smart and business dumb, like a very well-known lecturer who could not, on ONE, TWO and THREE times with three degrees had three sets of tricksters rob him blind for $48 million, $86 million and $156 million. Which company today could sustain those kinds of losses and that person would still be holding their job? Boy they say, Saint Lucia is idiot country!

      UWP/LPM landslide! Enough better days already!


  14. Sarah, please don't put yourself up to ridicule. You are too intelligent for this nonsense Spider&CO is up to.


  15. Spider stop it ! You really want us in Gros Islet to teach you a lesson or bring flood and watch how we going to take a dump on you once and for all . Take it for what it's worth . Stop your non sense do what's right !


  16. Competition is good for the country. Sarah is better and most trustworthy. Effectiveness is another matter. I wish we had the same competition going in the SLP. If so, we would not be having this leader of a failed state giving comfort to his socialist friend while the supermarket shelves in his country are bare and nobody wants to hold on the the Bolivar. The old Bolivar was sold at one time 1000: US $1. The zeros were shaved off. Now the new Bolivar is tracking the same trajectory to the previous old level, now with inflation IMF estimated, at 159%. See the pictures. Read the whole New York Times with this link:

    It is that this man Kenny has not read enough history, to know among other things, that he is no George Charles or John Compton, and that similarly, Maduro is no Simon Bolivar?


  17. How many times the Man have to beat all contender before you guys settle your difference. For that I will Vote Chastanet.


    Allen Chastanet, It is because of your hard work those who were on the sidelines looking in now see it fit to come sit on the golden throne. You have done a tremendous job in taking the uwp from an unknown not talked about entity to a formidable well structured well oiled entity. I see Sarahs entry as water off a ducks back. She will face a huge task in answering the questions as to her absence from the reorganization of the party especially being rewarded with such a prestigious job in the UN. She should have been in the fore front in getting the party together but like many others, she varnished and left the party for dead. However, Chastanet's work is as clear as day light and from my opinion she is in for a beating especially being pushed by the RIchard and King clan. Sorry Sarah but you will be a sacrificial lamb.


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