Chastanet: “We must unite!”

Chastanet: “We must unite!”
Chastanet (file pic)

(St. Lucia News Online) — In his Emancipation Day message on Saturday, August 1, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet called on Saint Lucians to be united in the fight against “racism, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance”.

“We must be united against threats to equality and freedom,” he wrote on his official Facebook page.

“Globally, and right here, we still have to fight these perils that manifest in the forms of racism, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. We must come together. Together we must condemn these threats and continue to support our brothers and sisters who need more help than us. We must!” he said.

Emancipation Day is observed as a national holiday every year by former British colonies in the Caribbean to celebrate the abolition of slavery. The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 came into effect on August 1, 1834.

Prime Minister Chastanet said: “This Emancipation Day, let’s remember and appreciate the fact that our history binds us together in ways that are unspoken, subtle yet powerful. From the names of our towns and villages, the food we eat, how we socialize, the authentic pulse we share as sons and daughters of this beautiful island. Each and every one of us forms part of this ever-evolving story of emancipation to nationhood; the past, the present and the journey forward…. Let’s take today to remind and put into action our duty to the persons who came before us. Happy Emancipation Day Saint Lucia and may we continue to grow and move this nation forward.”


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