Chastanet: We have a team of first-class candidates

Chastanet: We have a team of first-class candidates
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

The United Workers Party (UWP) has a team of first-class candidates that will be contesting the next general election, Political Leader Allen Chastanet said on Sunday.

While addressing a large crowd at Babonneau, Chastanet said that the candidates were carefully chosen and have succeeded in at least one profession.

“We have assembled a team of first-class candidates, men and women of strong character and integrity, individuals who love Saint Lucia and is committed to the development of its people,” he asserted.

Chastanet noted also that these candidates are passionate about the development of constituencies they are seeking to represent, and genuinely want to assist and uplift peoples’ lives throughout Saint Lucia.

“We have 15 endorsed candidates. If you compare that slate to the slate of the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) you would have to agree that our 2016 team is superior and multi-talented candidates.”

The political leader also declared that the UWP is at an advanced stage of preparation of its agenda for “fast forwarding the development of this country.”

He said, “We are putting together a multi-pronged programme to address the sagging fortunes of virtually every sector in Saint Lucia, which have declined under this Labour administration.”

Chastanet argued that the SLP has been a “painful disappointment” and done little to improve the social and economic conditions in Saint Lucia, which is desperately needed.

“Everywhere there is despair, hopelessness and disappointment. UWP is willing, able and ready to come to the rescue of Saint Lucia once again,” the former tourism minister stated.

The UWP, he said, has a comprehensive list of policies that will transform the lives of Saint Lucia, and once the party is re-elected to office, it will immediately roll out these plans to transform the island.



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  1. Sir since you are the one that spoke about your candidates you have open the door for Open criticism of personnel.

    If we are to start with your Gross Islet candidate what has he done in a field to be admired by a school child?

    Your Babonneau candidate is always angry and his level of contribution in the Senate was never cohesive.
    I can go on and on....... Therefore your statement about First Class candidates does not hold any water.


  2. Well Choiseulians are still waiting to meet their candidate. That is where most leaders go wrong they wait last minute to dump the contestant on the electorate. Where is the time for his ground work? Who is he?


  3. Politicians have no shame. It is all about money and power for them. They will sell their souls and that of their family for it.


  4. I cannot wait for elections for the reign of a new government. If we have another term of Labour you will find suicide rate increasing to triple figures.
    Chastenet When you win the elections I hope your polocies include the following
    1. Reduction in the rate of VAT FROM 15 percent to 10 percent
    2. Reduction in the fees of motor vehicle licencing which Kenny Anthony inreased by 200 percent in some cases.
    3. Prohibition of property tax being paid by pensioners/ senior citizens.


    • DREAMMMM as much as you want. So if Chastanet were to win it's you who would benefit..... Have you ever heard of a rich person who does not want to get richer?

      News for you, he cannot say no to his father, father inlaw and his rich buisness friends.


  5. So far all your team is doing is to blame, criticize and complain and celebrate every homicide, rape and murder and blame the SLP administration. If you and your team really care about the nation why don't you take the lead and form a non partisan approach to the social problems that we face? What will your team do to ensure that our country is 'crime and trouble free"?


    • No country will be crime free. Many of the people who commit suicide is not because they are hungry, they have man/woman problems and decide they to die. Others are never contented with what they have and become victims of want and greed.


  6. Congrats Guys. You have nothing to fear, although there are many doctors in the LABOUR party, it is clear that NONE are Gynecologist as NEITHER knows how to deliver.

    Stay focused, Change is Coming


  7. Well well well, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell
    together in unity - the thing that St. Lucia needs right now.


  8. When will those developmental plans will be made public? Up to now in an election year you all have not divulge one.As a voter mien farchere!


    • Are you a foreigner Bambi? What development plans you expect Allen Chastanet to have for St. Lucia? Primary School Children have better ideas and work harder than this Gorgor.


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