Chastanet to focus on “security, energy, trade and investment” in Trump meeting

Chastanet to focus on “security, energy, trade and investment” in Trump meeting
Chastanet and Trump
Chastanet and Trump

(PRESS RELEASE) — Prime Minister Honourable Allen M. Chastanet will travel to Florida for a meeting with U.S. President Donald J. Trump, on March 22, 2019.

The prime minister welcomes the opportunity for dialogue on deepening the relationship between the Caribbean and the United States.

Specific areas of the prime minister’s focus will be security, energy, and expanding trade and investment opportunities.


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  1. I think many of us are missing the big picture here.

    Anyone care to explain why its' the leaders who stood against Venezuela that are meeting with Trump. Last i checked, there are other leaders in the Caribbean too. Why aren't they invited? And we're here believing that trade and other issues will be the order of the day.

    Which leads into what the greater agenda here is. We as a people need to really be more in tune and hold our leaders accountable. Are st.lucians standing with solidarity with Venezuela or the US? And when the PM meets with Trump, where do we want his allegiance to be. All this other stuff we're here fooling ourselves with...please.

    Someone said the PM gets the best opportunities. That's laughable. Our PM stands with foreigners and those like him. Look at the status quo in St.Lucia. Let's get our heads out of the sand and stop dreaming.


    • Them Boys in Yellow are anti ALBA that's why they call him they are all are the weak ones they think they going to get something (laughable) A tour of Mono Largo, a head rub, and a pat on the shoulder will be all she wrote. If the jackass Chastanet have any sense, he would leave his tin cup at home and bring a pair of knee pads and get the Leachy Law lifted. It's not what your country can do for you, it's what you can do for your country.


  2. People in the US can't talk or trust Trump on anything. The US and the rest of the world has a hard time understanding his diplomacy. The only thing Chastanet can do is to tell Trump how good he looks and what a good job he is doing, then ask for him to exempt us from sanctions under Leahy Law. Most of the other comments are dumb.


  3. Our PM gets the best opportunities. HOWEVER I am still shocked at the fact Health care is not on the list of discussions. WHAT has happened to the PS of Health? why, with so much going on in St Lucia is he missing.


  4. Wrong focus. Today, it should be about technology education and related support. We need to change our education curriculum urgently for our own development and benefit. This UWP administration is inching towards this.

    Grow the technology and innovation capacity of Saint Lucians. Seize the day!

    We can no longer afford to continue to surrender our sovereign rights and independence to CARICOM bureaucracies and their agencies regarding our future. Work with CARICOM. Yes, we must. But, lazy ineffective and inefficient leaders love to hide their inadequacies behind regional bodies. Our young people want a sustainable future, not the repeated ramblings of tired old political dinosaurs.

    We need to build on our strengths and our comparative advantage in growing, for example, cocoa.

    A training focus on biotechnology, on chemical and on other forms of engineering, would make the great leap forward that we badly need to gain meaningful independence after 40 years, after expulsion as a British colony.


  5. Allen, remember to tell Trump that we call you tropical Trump and that will do the trick. Also tell him that he is the best thing to walk the Earth and we good. We getting all the help we need for generations


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