Chastanet to announce budget in April, 2017

Chastanet to announce budget in April, 2017


GIS – Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Hon. Allen M. Chastanet said he has spent his first 100 days in office working on a plan to reduce Saint Lucia’s debt to GDP ratio, as the island’s deficit is larger than anticipated.

Mr. Chastanet said the new government’s term in office began with the realization that the 2016/2017 budget grossly underestimated certain areas such as school maintenance and the operations of the new hospital.

There was no policy debate on the budget for this fiscal year.

He noted that had those overheads been accurately catered for, then the country’s deficit would increase.

According to the Prime Minister, Saint Lucia needs a major boost in investment.

“I have taken it upon myself to have as many meetings as the Prime Minister to try to expedite investment in this country. Desert Star is a very ambitious project, I admit that, but I think that the developers have a great sense of confidence; I love the creativity of what they have done, and I think that to be able to jump start Saint Lucia and to create a buzz about Saint Lucia, that is the kind of project we need.”

The Prime Minister said Saint Lucia’s current finances have restricted his ability to institute reform.

“We have had a very difficult time in being able to establish control of the government. We have been confronted with some unprecedented things. I don’t think there has ever been in the history that I know of Parliamentary government of Westminster government, in which an Attorney General would be appointed by a former government. Ambassadors who have contracts that have no out-clauses. Investors that we signed up two days before the election with no out-clauses in their contracts. And so I’ve not had the opportunity of moving quicker because obviously there are legal issues and we always have to follow the rule of law.”

Prime Minister Chastanet said Saint Lucians can expect a four-year plan in April 2017.

“We’re using this time to develop our overall plan and so it is the intention of our government that when we announce the budget in April that we will announce a one year financial budget, but we’re going to roll out a four year development plan for this country.”


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  1. The UWP could well be facing a well oiled opposition long before it decides to role out its 4 year development plan. In as much as the country rejectef the SLP , the same can be said that the country is on edge for serious things to happen.
    Uwp better be carefully into thinking that thr people are willing to wait for Eve of thr next elections to understsnd where they are taking the country.


  2. UWP excuses upon excuses, when will the government stop with their excuses and blame games and so what they were elected to do? I guess throughout their time in office that's all we will hear from them. Each time this PM open his mouths is lies and more lies. One thing I know the tapes are rolling and his lies will be pointed out for the world to see.
    The other thing I have noticed is he is self proclaiming, it has been I do this, I will do that. I I I I and never my government or the government. It would seem that he sees himself as the Saviour of St. Lucia. Nou Pwee


    • Well said! Allen is a one man show. He has no idea what he is doing and continues to blame the UWP's ineptitude on the last administration. Have no fear , he will soon run out of excuses and his lies will catch up with him eventually. All I can say is Lucians ties your waists....misery is coming!


  3. A four-year plan is good, a ten or twenty-year plan would be even better.
    Planning from year to year or election to election is very counter productive and nearly always fails.


  4. It is going to be tough with tourism as our main export. Yet, the expenditure cuts have to made and the incentives have to be given to grow green shoots. The bitter medicine is best to take in the earlier parts of the regime change and not later.


  5. the slp tried to screw the uwp and the people of st. lucia with their underhanded dealings. they don't care about the people and never did. corrupt to the end.


  6. this is what some people dont seem to overstand. the SLP gave out contracts jus wks before elctions and jus days before election. some of those contracts and well crazy and it was done on purpose. how can a government do such things jus before elections......wasnt jus to benefit the contractors. could they not wait until elections were over. remember SLP gave the date SLP knew when elections would be called so them givin contracts with no "out clause" was SLP wrong doing.


    • Who,
      Perhaps we take dominoes too serious. You tie up the opposition so he cannot play his hand then you win the game. In the game its fun, beers for the boys and celebration over the opposition's 'mal sis'. I am not sure celebrating trickery in terms of a Government is considered fair 'play'. After all, to tie up a country, its people, and its development makes a mockery of democracy - political pappy show. I pray our politicians play less dominoes and dis 'mockeracy' does not become the order of the day in our paradise community.


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