Chastanet speaks about Frederick’s expulsion from UWP in Barbados e-newspaper

Chastanet speaks about Frederick’s expulsion from UWP in Barbados e-newspaper
L-R: Chastenet and Frederick
L-R: Chastenet and Frederick
L-R: Chastenet and Frederick

United Workers Party Political Leader Allen Chastanet has said the expulsion of Castries Central Member of Parliament (MP) Richard Frederick from the UWP was not solely his decision, but based on votes from all party members.

“Decisions of whether people are to be expelled or policy decisions require everybody’s votes and participation. Political leaders only have one vote,” Chastanet was quoted as saying in a Barbados Today article.

According to the article, Chastanet was interviewed by the online newspaper while visiting Barbados, and made the comments while making comparison between Frederick’s situation and the recent dismissal from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of Christ Church West MP, Dr. Maria Agard.

Chastanet said he knows what his counterpart Mia Mottley is going through. He said like Mottley, the current opposition leader in Barbados, he had been accused of being a dictator.

L-R: Mottley and Agard
L-R: Mottley and Agard

Chastanet was quoted as saying that when he became political leader three years ago, Frederick, an attorney-at-law, had refused to attend party meetings, accept him as political leader and even made derogatory remarks about him and the party in the media.

“We went through the process where he [Frederick] was expelled,” Chastanet told Barbados Today.

“He took the UWP to court on the eve of our convention and the court ruled against him.

“Once you go through the process at the end of the day it was not the political leader who expelled the member, there is a process. We in the UWP have a disciplinary committee and then the matter goes to the National Council which voted overwhelmingly in favour of Frederick’s expulsion,” the St. Lucia hotelier said.


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  1. all I can say is where there is smoke there is fire... I`ve heard bad things about this man and I know this man is bad news not just from hearsay but from someone who had experiences with him.... those people you want to put in power for a country and they`re of questionable character am not sure what much do you guys expect of them.... you can`t expect an apple tree to bear oranges now can ya


  2. Chastanet hear yourself ; based on votes by all party members. Is not that a blatant lie as usual from you? Gosh!!


  3. Fredericks had to go from the UWP. Even Compton did not want him.
    But two wrongs/negatives do not make a right and Chastanet is clearly a divisive and incompetent so called leader.

    He is leading the UWP into a debacle at the next elections when he will be clobbered by the SLP.

    What a pity but so true!


  4. Frederick I'm from micoud,same as u,n I believe u to be,according to what Kenny antony da man who has had so much bad to say about u in da pass, n all of a sudden u choose to embrace,that u r da worst thing ever happen to st lucian politics, u r a political cancer.


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