Chastanet slams critics; King says run-off rule should be revisited

Chastanet slams critics; King says run-off rule should be revisited
Allen Chastanet

Despite mounting criticisms, political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet maintains that he is a democratic leader.

Chastanet said the public should not be encouraged by criticisms being made by “political hopefuls” who are suggesting that the UWP is divided.

“There are people on the outside, who continue to make derogatory remarks about the party, but I would remind the public that they are not active members with the party. They are not involved at the executive level and there speculations should not be taken seriously,” he told HTS News Force recently.

He said “consensus rules” and more people are accepting the decision through this process.

Chastanet is among six other candidates that were recently endorsed by the UWP’s General Council to contest the elections. The UWP leader will be contesting the Micoud South seat.

Ousted UWP member Richard Frederick has however said that he does not plan to run again for the Castries Central seat and return to the party under Chastanet’s leadership.

Angel Brouet, a UWP delegate for the Castries Central Constituency Branch said while she is in support of the party, there are many members like herself, who would like to see Frederick remain as candidate of that constituency.

Meanwhile, former leader of the UWP and former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Stephenson King believes that sitting MP’s who prove themselves and continue to serve their constituencies should not be put through any run-off.


King has since called for this rule to be revisited or “thrown out of the window,” dubbing it unconstitutional.

The Castries North MP said the party has a lot of preparation and reorganization in order to compete effectively at the next general elections.

King has not attended a number of important meeting in the past, but said he plans to work with the party.

There have been a number of internal ramblings, which have been made public by members and inside sources.


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  1. What alternative system King is proposing? Guess it's one to guarantee all the lazy, fat-arsed wannabes to run, not work or walk, as candidates. I say NO!


  2. Lmao.
    But, but, but, aren't we the same "members of the public" that you need to win your election? Lmao.

    This guy clearly has no clue what the public thinks of him and his destructive behaviour.

    Clearly, the UWP is doomed for a catastrophic defeat by any other party .


  3. king you lucky to have been endorsed and you know why. i have advised Allen when we win not to give you any post cause you a whimp wanna be bad boy not attending meetings and making excuses why, and lame ones. since when that's your role?.


  4. "King has since called for this rule to be revisited or “thrown out of the window,” dubbing it unconstitutional."

    UNCONSTITUTIONAL? What is unconstitutional about a runoff? For elections, nobody owns seats. The people should always be the one to decide who should run. If there is someone who believe they are capable of doing a better job than the seating MP, he/she have the right to challenge that MP. This is democracy.


  5. iwas at the general council meeting on sunday.The major problem i see confronting the party, is a legal advisor.


  6. Guy Joseph is right as UWP do not have "run-offs". We have a "candidate selection process". Run-Offs are a Labour Party thing. Those who have lost touch with the party say anything and it goes down as gospel.


  7. Yes there is definitely division in this party. Just last week on DBS news I heard Guy Joseph (the Role model) say that there are no "run offs" in the United Workers Party. What the hell is going on. Isn't he an Executive Member?


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