Apology demanded from Chastanet, Rigobert, Charles and Joseph for dissing Flood-Beaubrun

Apology demanded from Chastanet, Rigobert, Charles and Joseph for dissing Flood-Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun (left) and Dr. Andre Matthew during the recent UWP-led protest march in Castries.
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun (left) and Dr. Andre Matthew during the recent UWP-led protest march in Castries.
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun (right) and Dr. Andre Matthew during the recent UWP-led protest march through Castries.

PRESS RELEASE – Former Members of the United Workers Party Women’s Arm strongly condemns statements made by the Hon. Guy Joseph at a public meeting in Micoud North on October 20, 2015 and subsequent chanting by incensed UWP supporters during the protest march on Thursday October 22, 2015.

Mr. Joseph launched a strong verbal attack on Mrs. Flood-Beaubrun for her courage and decisiveness to stand against Mr. Allen Chastanet for the position of Political Leader in the upcoming Convention.

Mr. Joseph’s delivery incensed the supporters and they too followed suit, casting derogatory remarks at Mrs. Flood-Beaubrun whilst she stood in the crowd. The political leader Mr. Allen Chastanet and Leader of the Opposition, Hon Dr. Gale T. C. Rigobert openly endorsed Mr. Joseph’s behavior by applauding his every word.

Just two days later, Mrs. Flood-Beaubrun joined the UWP organized march to support the UWP and show her disappointment in the manner the St Lucia Labour Party has managed the affairs of our country. A certain section of the protesters, who surrounded Mr. Chastanet at the front of the march, and were, clearly within his hearing, greeted Mrs. Flood-Beaubrun with chants of “We want Chastanet & Sarah Must Go”.

Mrs. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun is a Lawyer by Profession, former Two Term Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central, Former Speaker of the House of Assembly and Former Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly and now Nominee for Political Leader of the United Workers Party.

To this end we are demanding a public apology from the current Political Leader of the United Workers Party Mr. Allen Chastanet, Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East, Hon. Guy Joseph, Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition and Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North Hon. Gale T. C. Rigobert and March promoter in Chief Mrs. Nancy Charles.

We urge all women to stand and demand respect for women who offer to serve; and condemn in the strongest terms, persons and organizations that make any deliberate attempt at undermining women’s involvement in national development. We want to assure Mrs. Flood-Beaubrun of our full support in her quest to become the Political Leader of the United Workers Party.


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  1. Rick you along with most others are tprepad in the belief that politics is for humanity. The politician is just an empty idiot who portrays him or herself as a necessary component of our existence, but in actual fact just about all politicians are sacred greedy people who look to take all you have and then expect to be worshiped. The politician like the priest is the lowest form of human. These people feed fear and foster greed to make the world an unhappy place, so you are right when you say that we live with political hatred. If the population is unhappy the result will be a failed Government and a divided country. We don't have to look far to see the biggest example of this. The United States under Obama and his just say yes and make believe is a flop. Now why is this so? For the simple reason that politicians do not have the answers, and they can't really, and that existence is not a written script, life does it's own thing, you have no say in this, so all your expectations and wishful thinking is total fantasy living.


  2. the uwp party have a lot of in house fight that is being instigated by a lot of the folks who got fired or voted out and they're causing the demise of the party , because they don t care a rass, they fighting chastnet because he's there to set them straight. they don t like to b straight .


  3. Despite what people say, the politicizing and perhaps even her bigotry, Sarah is a hard worker. No one can honestly deny that. She cares for the people!


  4. Is that "Aunty Sarah"? The once minister of health for the SLP?....I would never trust a flip flopper...


  5. The thing is that most Lucians like roro and tit for tat. Guy has done his research. For me I think Sarah waited too long to get involved in all that leadership fight, she let the gang get too strong before she act (a st Lucian trait also). And yes most ppl are right when they say she's too soft for the dirty game of politics. But, do Lucians really want chastnet as a leader? Why would he condone such indiciple from his right hand man? Why would sit quietly by and let supporters chastise such a respected member of his beloved party? Surely a man who portrays such civility would not condone such behavior in his own house?


  6. I am all for women's equality, and the whole feminist stance, but in all honesty this is why I believe women should not run a country...... BREAKING NEWS will become somewhat of a soap opera, rather than tackling REAL and RELAVANT issues within our country. However, I am not saying that Sarah's feelings are "irrelevant", but c'mon man, you joined a race, when people have CLEARLY stated its Mr. Chastanet they want as leader, do you suddenly expect them to join your band wagon, without no premonition as to what your intentions are etc #TAKE THE LINE #SIT DOWN


  7. Maybe I am getting old. This is probably the most idiotic argument to stop anyone from competing in an organization. If, and when a person decides to compete for Political Leader, that person has to be ELECTED by the body. Why the fear? It's not like she is just walking in and assuming any position.


  8. Sarah, people and other women who are smarter than all of you all put together are the future of a higher standard of living in Saint Lucia. Not you. Des bands ....


  9. There should be no apology. The silly season is on, and politicians will always launch verbal attacks on whosoever they want.
    Sarah herself has done it is the past. If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen. if Sarah want to be the the Holy girl then stay out of politics. If the former members of the UWP women's arm is demanding an apology then the men should also form a men's arm an demand apologies when the women launch attacks on them too. It is time St. Lucians learn that politics is dirty, so much so in St.Lucia so once you throw your hat in the ring you must expect attacks


  10. what happen to that woman look you just come there you start a new roro that was never there choops you made your point you want to run for leadership but dont add more roro


  11. Give it up Sarah. Apparently your name has gone dead in St Lucia so you are trying to find a way to come back just like Mary Polius. And what is Andre Matthew doing? He looks like your b


  12. Can some one tell me who is behind all of this? Never in the History of Politics have i ever witness such twisted events. An Election that seems so easy yet so difficult who paying who? If UWP ever lose that Election then every thing falls flat down.


  13. I think whoever is leading the women's arm of the UWP are Labour party supporters. If is an apology you want write this letter to the people, not the press. Address it at U.W.P meetings. Take it seriously and handle it in a manner where the grievance would be acknowledged and responded to. How does publishing this help anybody in the party including Sarah Flood or the women in the UWP?


    • exactly, wolves in sheep clothing, they think people are stupid. sarah make a round, make a round..........


  14. How can u have a team.and noone is not cooperating ...godh man yhey act like kids ... Allen stop put lucian through that nonsense ... If ull want to play go on buy some toys ... Stop playing with our country h


  15. Sarah is exactly that a reject and trust in the Lord people not UWP OR SLP she too has a place . Let's just keep her in the reject corner the Lord shall answer our prayers !


  16. The way I look at it now that other party LPM don't even have to contest all 17 sears.All they have to do is send a handful of strong candidates up and here's your game changer.A few seats is all they need to shake uo the nonsense in the UWP and expose the pathetic performance of the this government.


  17. Those of us once willing to give him the benefit of the doubt are now recognizing that Chastanet is not the 'nice' Daddy's boy who would connect with Lucians.
    His support of Guy and Nancy in their ranting and raving against a St Lucian woman shows that they are just surrogates for his inner feelings.
    Imagine what they will do if in power. At least Kenny knows how to be civil most of the time even if he is incompetent and useless.
    Our country will be in the hands of " principalities and powers' if this lot are allowed to gain power. That is why there was so much confusion after the great and missed Sir John left us.

    We are waking up to the danger of Chastanet. It is not just about his spendthrift ways or inability to attract voters or inability to speak patois or the dangerous influence of Daddy. We are seeing now there is a deeper danger of incompetence and lack of vision coupled with a mean streak that will fully rupture our society.


  18. Sarah was the one who saved St Lucian lives when the Minister of Health.
    We forget that the A&E Dept at Victoria where we all have to go at some time during a year had no doctors on duty 24/7 before she was Minister. People died before the doctor could arrive.

    The xray Dept was up a hill before she brought in portable x rays.
    There was no air conditioning and not enough nurses.
    There were not enough ambulances and no emergency personel.
    She changed all that and Victoria's A&E became a workd class facility saving Lucian lives.
    We know and heard that after she left that 'all fall down' under the SLP.
    The same hijackers of the UWP heckling her on the platform probably had themselves or a family member who benefitted or even had their lives saved due to her work ethic.
    The tide is turning as Lucians and UWPs see Sarah as the best option to get rid of a clueless Kenny.


  19. It has now become clear that the UWP has been hijacked by a cabal of brazen and vulgar incompetents.
    Once in each others' company they assume their back patting is the voice of the people.
    The reality is that Chastanet does not have the vote of any of the key voting blocks of this country. The women do not want him, the youth do not want him and the swing voters are not interested. Forget about him attracting any disgruntled SLP votes.
    He is a disaster waiting to happen come the next elections.

    SARAH on the other hand is the perfect foil for Kenny and the SLP as she will get all the above groups and lead the UWP to a landslide victory that represents the will of St Lucians.
    I am more convinced that the UWP delegates will prove to be more loyal to St Lucia and our people than to a vulgar Chastanet cabal come Nov and will support Sarah rather than the divisive Chastanet.


    • and you know this how? you make so many pronouncements.... what polls have you conducted to know that key voting blocks don't want chas. please list your source documents.


    • This is a very deep and sensible assessment of the present political situation, which I wholeheartedly support. However, there are a few things that you need to know that will help you predict the outcome more accurately.
      1. The Cabal in charge of the UWP have gone to the various constituency branches and allegedly bribe/bought the delegate’s allegiance. It has gotten so rife that if a delegate is not in support of Chastenet and the Cabal, he/she is immediately replaced. If you investigate smartly you will realize that this has happened in all constituencies and I have no reasons to believe it will not happen again.

      To break this corrupt practice and open the process to true democracy, Sarah must go on the ground smartly, quietly and speak "one on one" to the delegates and in an honest and objective tone convince them that the money being allegedly paid to them is short lived as Chastenet cannot defeat Dr. Anthony but she has what it takes to do so. Also should Chastenet win by some miracle, have they seen any sign that he is passionate about the plight of ordinary Lucians? Anyone who knows Chastenet very well understands that he is about the "bidding of the well to do".

      A person's past, not necessarily the present is what gives you a clue to who he/she is. Is there anything in Chastenet's past that indicates he cares about ordinary St. Lucians? I am sure you will find none. If you analyse his past you will find that, not only does he do the bidding of the well to do and his rich friends, he is even subservient to the well to do. Chastenet does not have a mature and independent mind. At the sound of BS voice on the phone, Allan jumps from his seat and simultaneously shouts “Yes Chairman” even as Minister of Tourism (just an example).

      2. If you analyse closely what has happened to the UWP recently, you will realise that the crooked lot have divided themselves into two, half supporting and the other half opposing Chastenet. So the problems of the UWP are more severe and ingrained than meets the eye.

      3. Efforts to restructure the UWP in the hope of transforming it into a modern Political Organization was staunchly resisted as the crooked ones didn’t want order associated with proper structure that would have interfered with their devious behaviour.

      4. There is one guy who has not been revealed in this fiasco in the UWP. Ozzy B has a false sense of importance that has been embolden with the sale of Jul... that yielded approximately 4M to him. This guy is brainless, but never forget that the one eye man is king in Blind Man’s Country. Most of those brainless moves that causes Allen to divide the party is allegdely orchestrated by Ozzy Boy. He spends his money as both Chastenet and his father are very very conservative with spending and so gets his way.

      5. Almost all the members of the Cabal are “Mental Prostitutes” and believe there is a huge loot to be shared and must behave the way they do to get their share.



  20. The UNited Workers Party has and will always be a party who disrespect women. One only has to check their history when it relates to woman. Guy Joseph is an idiot, who don't think before he open his pit trap. Has he forgotten where he came from? Members of the UWP and by extension St. Luciano have a short memory, Joseph was a member of the Saint Lucia Labour Party who left to join the UWP. How dare him now castigate this woman who did the same him as he did? This only reminds me of one think I keep saying, we allow politicians to put shit in our mouths and we accept it as peanut butter. Just saying.


  21. One thing in common, they are all labour rejects trying to cause mayhem in the UWP. Actually there is a useless one who was NDM whose stint was questionable in the women's branch where finances are concern.


  22. LPM is the only opposition party that is worthy of my vote. As a matter of fact i rather vote them than vote these roro people in power. Its too late now to try to put things back together again. Please dissolve that party and give us some damn peace.


  23. And they claiming that this party is united? No fair opportunities for wonen. All these insults. Who do they think they are fooling. There is more to come.

    It was the same bunch who were fighting while they were in government and alledgedly burrowing taiwanese funds. Everybody including their own supporters were calling for their backs. In opposition the fight continues. Now it seems like their supporters are conveniently forgetting. They are still fighting but their supporters want them back....Its going to get worse!


  24. I hate these politicians they are too hypocrite sarah could have been better one to bring this country. She has better qualifications to lead. But those dragon like chase guy gail andthe rest are snakes in a cage. That's why they will continue fighting against each other and will never will that election coming. Woman like sarah we need in this country .it's time for our women to lead. Shame on these women in the uwp .They are coward.


  25. You guys need to stop the nonsense yall doing. Kenny is taking us for granted because he knows our other option are a bunch of jokers. You people need to put your act together and stop behaving like fools if you want to make a difference.


  26. Don't expect any better from Guy. Poodles are always angry and on the defense foaming at the jaw, spittle everywhere. Must admit that I'm very surprised at Gale's behavior.