Chastanet responds to PM’s latest word on IMPACS

Chastanet responds to PM’s latest word on IMPACS
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – Mr. Allen Chastanet, the leader of the opposition United Workers’ Party, has categorically denied the charge by Prime Minister Kenny Anthony on Sunday that Mr. Chastanet has threatened to leak the IMPACS Report.

Addressing the prime minister’s remarks this morning, Mr. Chastanet said: “Instead of using the occasion to report to the country if any progress has been made since his promises to EU human rights representatives and the US State Department in December 2015, Dr. Anthony continues to rely on diversionary tactics and the principle of divide and rule. It is he who should be accounting for any leak, if indeed there has been one.”

The UWP leader said: “Our party has already addressed how it will handle Dr. Anthony’s IMPACS Report upon its return to office.” He said his party has nothing to gain from further delaying due process in the matter.

As for the prime minister’s remarks about possible contamination of the process, Mr. Chastanet said the prime minister should have thought about that when he revealed to the public what he claimed were important elements of the IMPACS report, including references to then police commissioner Vernon Francois and the so-called damning evidence the prime minister said the report contained.

“If there has been any contamination,” Chastanet said, “it happened when the prime minister read out to the whole world important aspects from the investigation he initiated—including confirmation of a death list—even before the DPP had had the opportunity to peruse it. It did not help that the prime minister failed to give the DPP “adequate resources” and evidence for pursuing due process in the matter of IMPACS.

Mr. Chastanet said the prime minister should stop talking the “responsible leadership talk” and instead start walking the walk. The UWP leader said in his statement issued earlier today: “The United Workers’ Party reaffirms that within one hundred days of assuming office it will launch an independent investigation into how the IMPACS investigation was undertaken and how the follow-up has been handled. As the US State Department has already observed, it has taken Dr. Anthony four years to make a decision on the way forward, at great cost to Saint Lucia’s image at home and abroad.”

The UWP leader added: “It is time the matter of IMPACS was brought to a credible conclusion.”


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  1. After watching Kenny's demeanor on the platform on Sunday in GaLlery, I am convinced that this guy is grafted with


  2. Leadership has lost its principles.

    If a leader of a country takes on the posture of:

    1. Declaring that rape is a serious issue yet seemingly allows his party to silence press about it.

    2. Has acted on a number of occasions contrary to the US interests yet blames another for the imposition of sanctions due to one unsubstantiated claim made by himself.

    3. Discloses many details of a confidential report which accuses others yet declares them "insane" or unpatriotic if they are in a position to disclose what they know about it.

    4. Has not released a report to any other than the DDP but is fearful that another party can release it in the public domain.

    This are just some of the reasons why i think there is a "Rambo Diplomacy" in St. Lucia, "Lunacy in Authority." Listen to the children giggle because they know that the emperor is wearing no clothes. A qualified lunatic.


  3. SLP is firmly rooted in La-La Land. Listen to th PM. Listen to all the press releases. Do these make sense. We have new candidates and these candidates are saying the same old stupid things that SLP is doing now that are NOT working. The PM is totally out of touch with what needs to be done to correct his own unforced errors.

    The entire SLP is not part of the solution to our problems. It remains firmly OUR PROBLEM.

    Turning the sod and making empty promises that do not move the economic picture forward is now all that SLP has to offer us. Get them all out this time. Each and every one of them. Some of the independent candidates must be given a chance Saint Lucia.

    Vote for suitable independents. Get sophisticated. Anybody but SLP.


  4. Kenny it's time for you to go give another a chance.Give pipits a chance no that cannot speak.On a serious note man give us a break go do something else.I'm SLP and don't want you no more go away you not for people in stlucia.


  5. Ti Chas and Rigo did call for the release of the report. Everyone is backing out now. Be careful what you wish for . If and when it is revealed in it's entirety , all hell will break loose.


  6. Don,t care who is in power, or who is pm, but I know one thing for sure Kenny must go. Man is no good for the betterment of St. Lucia.


  7. I think this politics business has gone up to the PM's head, he has gone "loco", the man is angry, he is desperate for Power!, This man would do and say anything to the people of St. Lucia to win the next election. But I say not God's people you can trick!! Not the men and women of wisdom!!


  8. mr chastanet you are very correct,, its time for st.lucian to open their eyes,, can't you'll see kenny has kill the country, even reports kenny is killing, its time for a change, and this change is very important change, for st.lucia and st.lucian.


    • Change to WHAT!!! Another bunch of recycled politicians.......another independent investigation, more waste of monies. Maybe the promised investigations should focus on who gave the order within the police department or government institution at that time to perpetrate the ultimate crime... the killing of its own citizens without due process.


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