“Chastanet is confused” – PM Anthony

“Chastanet is confused” – PM Anthony

Dr-Kenny-AnthonyPRESS RELEASE – Recent news items have quoted Allen Chastanet as saying that the Government of Saint Lucia is “always covering up things” and that ”they do not like to speak the truth.”

This statement, among several others, was made in the context of the recent statement by the Embassy of the United States of America in Bridgetown on the IMPACS Report.

In response, Prime Minister Anthony says,

“I invite Chastanet to tell the people of Saint Lucia two things. Firstly, tell the people of Saint Lucia what about the IMPACS Report that the Government of Saint Lucia has covered up. Secondly, it is time for him to disclose and explain to the public his role in approving Operation Restore Confidence which led to the alleged extrajudicial killings for which the United States has imposed sanctions on Saint Lucia. Now that he is the leader of the United Workers Party, he must explain why he encouraged, justified and applauded Operation Restore Confidence.

“These questions,” says the Prime Minister, “must be answered by Chastanet as he continues to speak from both sides of his mouth. On the one hand and in the same statement, he accuses me of making “damning disclosures” about the report, yet he says I am covering up. Covering up what?”

The Prime Minister added,

“Confused as he may be, he should really try and come clean so that the people of Saint Lucia could understand where he really stands on issues.”



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  1. I wonder how many of those calling the PM arrogant and or for him to go even read what he had to say. How could they when I fail to see the basis of argument against him and criticisms of him. In the above press release the PM made two points of great importance. His position is simply this: if Golden Balls is making allegations of there being a cover up in the findings of the report it stands to reason that he knows what's in the report. If you don't know what's in the report you cannot make those allegations. The other point the PM made is to Golden Balls to tell the public what was his role in ORC since he was part of the government which implemented that operation.

    I think we all should bear in mind if there is any party that should fear that report and its findings is the UWP not the SLP. So if was a UWP supporter I would not be causing to many ripples especially where this report is concerned. The SLP may think it best for the UWP to deal with implementing the report's recommendations. After all its their baby so deal with the birth throws.


    • Couldn't have said it better, Majority on this board are totally overlooking the two main points made in the above piece.

      It was totally wrong for the government at that time to allegedly give the green light for the killings without due process.

      The ones executed did not deserve this punishment. We are a civilized country and no one should think what transpired is legit. We need to hold those people responsible for given the green light on this matter.

      Those killed had families too...If we had allowed this to continue, the next individual could be your brother, sister, friend etc.

      This is not about politics, but about rule of law and the universal right of each individual to live without fear of being eliminated because they have broken the law.... especially if the punishment does not fit the crime.

      So people stay on topic and stop this political foolishness. The present administration did not hold the reigns of power during this debacle, so if there is anything negative about this report it should reflect poorly on the last administration. So go figure!!!


      • If government was implementing capital punishment criminals would know there last journey. In one way government want to please USA (who enforce death penalty) on other side it make a case against it in the own country with the report.
        but no one cane deny after Restore Confidence the country go a break.


      • everyone should keep shut. few people know what really went on for ORC. The past administration covered up. this administration also. fact remains this world is doomed and its only going to get worse


  2. I am disappointed in Kenny. I wish he would do the honourable thing and resign and hand over to Pip. Kenny is now tarnished with alleged corruption and most St?Lucians don't believe a word that he says.




  4. Is the PM for real? Who are these people advising you Mr PM? Surely they are not doing you justice.


  5. Words of advice and warning to people like KDA
    America the likely biggest power allows their president only two terms. They understand the dangers of one person sitting in charge for much too long.
    Gonzales, Skerrit and Denzil Douglas from some of the smallest powers think it is hip to stay in power for four and five terms as if they own their respective islands.
    Today in Venezeula the pictures of Hugo Chavez are being pulled down from the capital. Who would have thought. So the power really lies in the hands of the people.
    Yes, that what happens to the arrogant, the dictatorial and those who think they are high and mighty


  6. U that confused. not chastanet. typical SLP tactic; turn attention from your fully confused self and put iton the other party in the hope that people dont see through you. all of u in that SLP have fooled and blindfolded people enough. now take a STEP outta office.


    • Kenny is soooooooooooooooo delusional. In HIS state of confusion he is attempting to confuse the nation so they may turn a blind eye....SMDH


  7. The EU and the USA have him in their cross-hairs, but Chastanet is the one that is confused? Really?

    Oui Mamma! They are getting dek-dek too? I pity this man and all his red Kool Aid drinkers. You all days are numbered.

    Call elections. And we want more than President Carter's Observers. We want people who know about democracy to supervise for any of the expected Kocomarkaque by the SLP, the British.


  8. UWP's response to crime was the ORC.
    Prime minister's response to crime was asking the criminals to give the citizens a break.

    This is my opinion.
    UWP's response to crime as Operational Restore Confidence did send out a strong and clear message to the criminals. And in my opinion there was a lull. If what is alleged took place, then the necessary steps must be taken to avoid further recurrence.
    I also believe that police officers need to be trained on how to approach citizens in a non aggressive manner thereby improving respect for their work.
    I have listened to both sides on this ORC saga, and in my opinion the previous administration honestly tried to curb the rise in crime. I do not think that the intention was to go about doing it in a manner that would infringe on human rights.
    Likewise if the SLP had to take a similar stance I do not think it that would be their intention either.

    As to Kenny assertion that Chastanet is confused. I hate to break it you , but Kenny you confused too. CIP is already one of the products of your confusion. No clue as to how to improve the economy of St.Lucia. You need to retire brother.

    Now back to ORC. The US has given the government an admonition, we the citizens will like to be kept in the loop. But I have a feeling I asking for too much because we in the dark about a lot of things and we have been clamoring for answers. So don't blame us is some of us confused too.

    But come election mark my words , I won't be confused.


  9. Kenny calling somebody confused. What a joke. If anyone is dazed and confused it's Kenny and Co. Juffali has them confused; IMPACS has him dek dek; Rochamel had him abah glo; Grynberg has Kenny tee-ree-ree; Jobs-for-the-boyz has him begging for more loans; Lambirds has him confused; and the upcoming elections has Kenny more dazed and confused that anything else.

    Stop calling names Kenny and face the music of your maladministration. You said you had learnt your lesson but you are even more arrogant and awanjay than before. You need a good lash of lolo boeuf to shake that confusion out your eyes. One good lash will have you running down Beanfield in fourth gear.


    • lol...You should do more commentary. I'd love to see a little comic strip/illustration of your vivid description.


  10. You think Chastanet is confused but he is not, he is showing off your disrespect, and dishonesty to the people of St. Lucia. He has always been calling for you to make the report public to the opposition and St. Lucians so all will know what is behind the report, You refuse to do so. What we know is what you read on March 08, that is what you wanted us to know.

    The DPP should have been the one to open the envelope containing the report, You chose to open it. Was the report addressed to you? Who knows what you allegdely added or deleted in the report before handing it to the DPP.

    Mr. Chastanet cannot tell us anything because he knows nothing, You know what you all did just before UWP came into power in 2006, so tell us what happened. First you blame the police, business men and some politicians for IMPACS.

    then you allegdely put it on Guy Mayers, and now you want to pass it on to Chastanet. You must deal with your mess. Stop passing the baton because you and some of your men knows exactly was was done, speak the truth prime minister.


  11. My goodness! The absolute arrogance of this man. You have the report not Chastenet. You have read it so you tell us. This man has utter disdain for St. Lucians. Classic dictatorial behaviour. St. Lucia is for all St. Lucians not just the SLP, it's supporters, it's hacks and it's leeches. All St. Lucians are entitled to respect and truthful answers. The government is supposed to work for us and our benefit not just the benefit of that abhorrent SLP cabal.


  12. I think that you Kenny should come clean on many issues and stop the tit for tat back and forth. In recent times, you have allegdely covered up a multitude of sins.

    So instead of trying to distract us buy throwing stones from your glass house, clean up that house and ensure that there are no skeletons lurking anywhere. Until then shut up because the people are tired of your deception #nomorefoolingus


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