Chastanet heads to Antigua for CARICOM-Cuba Summit

Chastanet heads to Antigua for CARICOM-Cuba Summit
PM Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

(PRESS RELEASE) – Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet will join Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba at the Sixth CARICOM-Cuba Summit in Antigua and Barbuda on Friday 8th December 2017.

Chairman of CARICOM, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell of Grenada, will co-chair the meeting with President of Cuba, Raúl Castro as the Grouping marks 45 years of diplomatic relations between CARICOM and Cuba.

At the meeting a memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed between the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and Cuba’s Agency for Civil Defence, “which will provide opportunities for closer collaboration, especially following the devastating impact of the September 2017 hurricanes across the region, and the increased focus on climate change resilience.”

The heads are also expected to discuss CARICOM-Cuba cooperation in commercial and economic areas as well as climate change.

While in Antigua, Prime Minister Chastanet, also Chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, will attend the third sitting of the OECS Assembly on Saturday 9th December 2017 where he will deliver opening remarks and a motion will be tabled on “Building Climate Change Resilience in the OECS.”


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  1. Your answer is typical of someone who lives in freedom and still want others to suffer the consequences of your utopia, so that you can grandstand about it.
    Nevertheless, for the sake of facts, just remember that when you say "Cuba" you are not referring to the people of Cuba, who have no say in the decisions taken by the regime when it comes to its "international altruism" for both propagandist and economic reasons. Cubans are slaves in a literal sense. In Angola Fidel Castro made millions of dollars with the Angolan diamonds and the oil of Cabinda (where as unbelievable as it may sound, Cuban soldiers served as security guards for US companies) while Cubans died fighting against both UNITA and South Africa, in a conflict thousands of miles away and receiving no compensation whatsoever.
    If you want communism, go and live your own version in Cuba, but as a local, not as a foreigner. Then you will see the fallacy of the "free" education and health care without the freedom to express your opinion in a place like this.


  2. Raul Castro is not the president of Cuba because no democratic and free elections have been held in that island for 60 years now. He is just a mass murderer and head of a narco-terrorist supporting state and communist tyranny that has the Castro clan at the helm, wreaking havoc all over the world and not just on the people of Cuba.
    Keep legitimizing such immorality, for whatever political expediency you may deem, at your own peril. Venezuela is gone and Colombia might be next. Guess who is in charge in Venezuela, you got it: the Castro intelligence and counter intelligence services.


    • Cuba has played a significant role in the region and further afield.Thousands have benn impacted positively through arious programs initiated by the Cuban government including but not limited to Education,Health and Sports.In the area of health thousands of Caribbean nationals got three eye care and surgeries in Cuba and right here in S. Lucia.
      Cuba has endeavoured to protect its sovereignty by not allowing the outside to dictate its path.Fidel Castro has intervened and articulated on the world stage as to how to chart the way forward amidst the global threats and challenges.He was instrumental in Angola,created an awareness as to the cisis that exixts today in capitalism.

      Cuba has made significant strides amidst the challenges of the Economic Blockade.They have proven to the world how to be cultured and how to stand for principle.


      • Is that question addressed to someone in particular? If that was meant for me, well, I happen to be Cuban, so I know what I am talking about better than anyone in this forum will ever know, even by reference. So you or anyone supporting the Castro regime may keep attending the "pro Cuba events" (which is fact means pro tyranny) organized by the Castro agents through embassies and so forth, but that doesn't mean you know or will ever know crap about communism, especially the Caribbean version invented by Castro with the help of Stasi and KGB.


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