Chastanet: Gov’t plans to reduce serious crime by 45 percent, strengthen investigation and prosecution

Chastanet: Gov’t plans to reduce serious crime by 45 percent, strengthen investigation and prosecution

(GIS) — Citizen safety remains an area of urgent attention, and a key focus of the Government of Saint Lucia’s Medium Term Development Plan for 2019-2022.

An integral part of government’s plan is to strengthen the island’s capacity for investigation and prosecution, and reduce serious crime by 45 percent.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet revealed in his budget presentation that the forensic lab is already working through the backlog of cases needed to provide evidence in pending criminal cases. Similarly, the re-opening of the criminal court has resulted in 25 percent of the backlog being cleared, with a target of 70 percent by year-end. Rehabilitation also forms part of the strategy.

“We not believe that incarceration is the only solution to reducing crime in Saint Lucia,” Prime Minister Chastanet said. “Rehabilitation will be a key component in crime reduction aimed at preventing re-offending upon discharge. Inmates at the Bordelais Correctional Facility and juveniles at the Boys Training Centre will be offered enhanced life skills, literacy and numeracy schooling, substance abuse counselling, and CVQ certification programmes to give offenders the skills to re-enter society with better options for employment, thereby reducing the lure of criminal activity.

“Meanwhile, the introduction of a parole system early in this financial year is intended to support discharged inmates in transitioning back into the community to give them a better chance at completing their rehabilitation,” he said.

In addition to improvements to court infrastructure, government has further strengthened the human resources of the offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“An additional Crown Council as well as a process server have been added to the DPP’s Office. Additional legislative drafters have been added to the Legislative Drafting Unit and this unit is now fully staffed. A full complement of Legislative Drafters will ensure our legislation is drafted within reasonable time, thereby bolstering our implementation efforts. Also, the Advice and Litigation Unit has received an additional litigator, which will also strengthen our implementation and execution efforts.”


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  1. Thought there was already a strategy! Oh yes! The strategy was to say there was a strategy. SMDFH!


  2. This is strange we want to reduce crime by 45% but the the OECS Tourism competitive project rejected a proposal from the office of the mayor which was to provide training for its city police....who are these people who in that project decide what project to is our biggest problem and funding was sought by the mayor office to help train it city police who are doing a good job even to the extent that the Florida cruise ship executive have on three consecutive years have praise the city police for their effort in dealing with crime. The PM needs to look at this. why cant the OECS Tourism Competitive Project fund training for the city police


  3. Yawwn Yawwn Yawwn scratch, scratch, If he say so. Giving figures huh ?? I see he haven't he learned from his "monthly " job creation promise as yet OK. To fight crime it cost money. Most of the crime are created by poor inner city youths lets see how much of that 100 million he is willing to spend to fight it and give the youths an option. I don't see the Allen Chastanet Government spending one dollar on youths in Marchland or Bruceville. In order for you to "reduce crime" you have to get to the root cause of crime and that's poverty and this government is not for the working poor much less for those at the bottom of the barrel that are underserved so less be real.


  4. Finally ! it only took 3 Years for the PM to lay-off actually plans for crime reduction. Let's hope it works for everyone sake


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