Chastanet expected to deepen ties with US, may shun regional integration – UWI political science head

By Horace Cunningham, SNO Staff Writer/World Politics Review

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Allen Chastanet

Allen Chastanet

The head of the political science division of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill has come out with his own predictions of the path that will be taken by the new Allen Chastanet administration.

Tennyson Joseph, the head of the political science department of the university, believes that Chastanet will take certain paths based on his experience as a businessman. These remarks were made in an email interview with political review blog World Politics Review.

” It is likely that Chastanet will work to expand ties with the United States, given his business-oriented background and the fact that he studied there,” Joseph said.

He however cautioned that Chastanet may face rebuttal by the US due to issues of corruption that plagued the former UWP administration:

“Chastanet may continue to face issues of corruption that plagued the previous UWP administration, and this may strain relations with Washington,” he said.

He further added that Chastanet, being business oriented, may naturally pursue matters in a manner that may affect regional integration:

“As a business-oriented prime minister, Chastanet is more likely to pursue issue-by-issue bilateral interests, rather than promote regional cooperation as a goal in itself.,” he said.

The political scientist pointed to many evidence of this, particularly what he claimed is Chastanet’s hostility to the development of LIAT and his stated goal of pursuing other options.

In closing Joseph stated that it may take time for Chastanet to become familiar with history and current state of Caribbean integration and that many expect St. Lucia’s role in regional projects will diminish under his watch.

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  1. for so called intellectual tennyson Joseph is no better than a cheap SLP hack.
    Armchair political scientist. Talking nonsense in theory and that's why in his first election he lost and ran. Like a coward.
    Has no shame, No guts and just there pelting stones at the moon and vex because he cannot hit it. Fool.

  2. Noob Saibot wins!! Flawless Victory!! Fatality!!

    I am not sure why this guy is concerned about integration more than the ills of the disadvantaged of our country nor the hardships we all suffer like closing down businesses or get laid off due and unemployment. Maybe he is not able to come to terms with the urgency of giving such problems attention since he is not even among us and seem to have a high paying job. Generally we just want to live in a better St Lucia. We can only effectively integrate if we can solve our own problems, other wise we will be multiplying and adding new ones. And yes as a weak economy it is wise to try to borrow some strength from strong ones. I want to see whats Chas is going to make happen....if he Mr Joseph will have to lecture about his methods in his courses. Looks like he really dislikes Chas!

  3. Tennyson, are you in the dinisour age? Sorry, your views are extinct.

  4. As President of the State of Denial, Dr. Joseph continues to fool himself. Just wake up the SLP lost fair and square. Is the the degree of stupidity our children pay for at UWI?????????

  5. Tennyson is still operating under the ridiculous premise that one needs to have a definite ideology, world view or stance on everything. It shows his age, as well as the fact that he finds Shirt-jacks an acceptable item of clothing, which it is not. You see tennyson does not understand that a government, especially those in our situation should have survival and development at the top of its agenda. This means that we may take the most convenient position possible to maximize the benefits to the majority of our country. We are a small island state. Ideology does not feed us. Chas will receive support from the Americans because all he wants is that our island is prosperous and that people eat. What Tennyson and his comrades fail to realize is that old world communism is dead. It is not coming back in any form. Real world pragmatism is the order of the day. What works has to be logical. Chas will co-operate on regional issues when he can or has to. He will put the interest of his countrymen before that of unworkable Caribbean unity. Of course he will try to gain the favor of the most powerful country in the world and a hemispheric superpower who we rely on for so much. Does tennyson expect Chastenet to go to Cuba when Joe Bidden is at a regional meeting in Trinidad, or invite Moduro to St. Lucia, when he is seen as a pariah everywhere else? Tennyson needs to understand that Shirt jack are out of style and season. We where suits and and ties. We are modern and we are moving forward, logically and Pragmatically. If LIAT does not make sense, we will look for another airline! And we will not seek to throttle decent or get him fired from UWI, even if he talks a bunch of crap!

  6. As a former student of yours Sir, I must admit that I am quite embarrassed by your comments. The things you say just does not make sense. Come on Dr. Joseph, you are a University Lecturer, stop embarrassing yourself and UWI.

  7. Mr. Joseph, it's high time you take a seat......sit down please!!!!! We in St.Lucia are suffering from Tennyson-Fatigue!!!!! Go away................Please!!!!! The people have turning back!!!!

  8. Tennyson YOU AGAIN? Let me read this in it's entirety.

  9. Tennyson Joseph stay out of St. Lucian politics and our lives. Remain exiled to Barbados or anywhere else.
    Good riddance.

  10. Choopz Tennyson shut up. Cuba can go on to have better relations slu cannot choopz. Watch Venezuela and alba crap we joinned. Stop being stupid n talking shit for talking shit sake. If u want to be relavant do it in another way. Ur comments are unwanted and irrelevant. U lost us at ur fails predictions.

  11. I clicked on the article thinking it was quoting someone credible. Then I see it's referring to Tennyson Joseph, a man with an axe to grind if ever there was one.

    Whether Chastanet succeeds or fails is left to be seen. What is certain however is that Tennyson's views will remain irrelevant.

  12. And furthermore I myself believe LIAT needs to shape up. we keep pumping money into it and our people have to pay high prices for intra caribbean travel. why not consider options where the small man can pay up to 300 or more LESS than LIAT for transport. We cannot be continuously loyal to things which arent beneficial or which we know arent good. UNLIKE YOU sir WE ARE NOT TO BE STOOGES and be blindly loyal. I am sad you are so closed minded

  13. what exactly is your point Jospeh. if the country is run like a business then some many decisions may be for the betterment of the business. As opposed to running it like a lawyer would, and tell persons "take me to court" while the court systems doesnt work.
    you need to realise that your own ideologies werent really taken by your own slp gvt which may tell how irrelevant you really area. I think you have been in a classroom for too long. And I myself am a teacher so I know about what i speak.
    stop making yourself sound like an ass ever so often. BUT WHATEVER HAPPENED TO YOUR PREDICTION OF THE ELECTIONS OF JUNE 6th??????

    YOu have lost CREDIBILITY boy

  14. William Shakespeare

    The UWI really start reconsider this guys mental facilities.


    How did Venezuela end up in the position they are at now? Is there a super power behind their demise? Peeps lets broaden our thinking and listening, we might just learn a few things more.

  16. The Labour operatives are at it again predicting what Chastanet will do and what he will not do...they pridected that he will not win the election ...look what happen... as a business-oriented prime are wrong again he is a workers oriented prime minister Tennyson Joseph, wow i am so happy that i did not study at UWI

  17. Political Psychic you are Tennyson huh!?

  18. Friends, Countrymen....Lucians

    When will this idiot shut up? Gosh, I'm so tired of hearing the nonsense which continuously comes out of Tennyson's mouth. It's as if the guy's on a one-man campaign against the UWP. Smh. UWI needs to rethink this guy's position with them....political scientist my foot. Choops tan!

  19. let the prophet do his work

  20. Throughout his career. Tennyson has proven to be a rabid liberal/socialist ideologue pursueing policies and agendas that have failed throughout the world from the Soviet Union to Cambodia to Venezuela. Even in the 70s in Jamaica soft socialism put back that country bu 20 years and it has never recovered.

    His Dept at UWI has produced nothing but leftist propaganda to confuse our youth and he and his colleagues are only interested in their personal aggrandizement and their pay and pensions.
    Once they achieve tenure they basically for the rest of their lives live off the Caribbean taxpayer. What a cosy life for parasites!
    Tennyson as an SLP hack and operative has always been on the wrong side of advancement for our people and it is a pity he can now sprout his nonsense fron a university campus.
    Allen Chastanet has 100 times more interest and focus in advancing agendas for our people than this clown.

    • you are right especially the last line. I am from choiseul where persons voted and believed in you. you lost but if you so interested in developing st.lucia, you would invest here, in educating persons here, and not quickly move back to barbados and live your life. furthermore, where was your voice in the last few years?? and what you you on the matters like juffali and the implementation of vat. You put on a facade of caring about st.lucia when we all know you are a sell out and stooge

  21. Just another famous regional textbook educated academic dinosaur. Listen man! No island administration has even been voted in or was born for integration.

    Up to now, we have the integration of poverty. Every country is at the same stage of development. Every country has the same kind of resources. Every country has about the same level of human capital development. Every country is sending its young ones to take instruction from pie-in-the-sky ivory tower pundits.

    Integration WAS MADE FOR THE ISLANDS. Not the other way round. If it doesn't work, smote it!

    Don't further weaken your case with LIAT, when LIAT is just the creature of its board of directors made up of pure ignoramuses regarding the airline industry. They do not know the first darn thing about the cut-throat and highly complicated airlines industry. The officers of this company do not even speak the jargon of business, and far less the complicated world of airline operations.

    They only see protection of employment at the political hubs -- the Bird hub comes to mind -- as their return on investment. That comes only with increased costs for their hostages, the traveling public. With few options users of this lousy airline service have to grin and bear the discomforts of limited choice.

  22. Open a psychic office uh! You need to have a psychological check up. Your predictions are never correct. You are seeing back to front. One recent one is the election results. What Political science are you lecturing? I am feeling sorry for those you supervise and the students.

  23. yes these oh so profitable regional projects.

  24. Who do we make Tennyson Joseph relevant. Everybody can see if Majee alone mate talking. His lies about the polls failed and his nonsense about how Chastanet will govern is headed to the dust bin. I am no supporter of flambeau but what's wrong in having close ties with the US. I rather that than the majee Kenny put us through with this fake Alba alliance. Look at Venezuela today the people there well hungry. Socialism is papishow!!!


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