Chastanet confident of re-election, UWP election victory

Chastanet confident of re-election, UWP election victory
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet said he is confident of being re-elected leader of the party and helping the UWP win the next general election.

Chastanet made this statement during Wednesday night’s “Hutton Button Issue” programme with Timothy Poleon, where he declared that the UWP will be the choice for most citizens at the next elections.

This is despite there have been a clear division within the party, especially with senior members already publicly declaring their support for his competitor Sarah Flood- Beaubrun, who was recently nominated to contest the post. of leader of the UWP.

According to him, the party has built a strong presence on social media sites and there have been a great level of distress and dissatisfaction among the citizenry, on the manner in which the country is being run.

But in a recent interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) Chastanet said he is not concerned if Flood-Beaubrun replaces him, because “there are no winners or losers in the UWP on an individual basis.”

“It is what makes the party stronger.  The delegates have always known who that person is,” he said.

The former tourism minister had told SNO that he is comfortable with the work that he has put in to help strengthen the UWP, noting that he always wanted his mandate to be renewed.

“But if in fact the party wants to remove me, I am fine with that. But I mean I am very comfortable and confident about the work that I have achieved and the level of response I have received.”

Meanwhile, Flood-Beaubrun has said the UWP is the best party to govern Saint Lucia at this time because the ruling SLP administration of which she was previously a member, has failed to deliver a better life for Saint Lucians.

The former health minister has also expressed confidence in winning the post of leader of the UWP.

“I believe that my leadership style will foster greater unity and encourage broader participation of members as we prepare for general elections,” Flood-Beaubrun told SNO in a recent interview.

If elected leader of the UWP, Flood-Beabrun said her main goals and objectives are to prepare the party for general elections and prepare for government.

Chastanet and Flood-Beabrun will face-off at the party’s National Convention slated for November 15.

The last person to challenge Chastanet was well-known economist Dr. Claudius Preville. Preville lost his bid to become leader of the UWP at the party’s 38th Convention, which was held during November 2014.


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  1. Well Mr Kill Bill, I can't agree with you more this is what i have said all along King should have been fired along with his Comrade RF, and the party would have healed already. And he King would have taken his appointment as Taiwanese Ambassador by now, Can Joe repeat himself, Wee not in Haiti!!!! are you serious????? Why all this Demonic happenings in our country. All this head of the witches conference at our schools and students doing so many devilish things orgy in washrooms etc etc and for the ton ton macoutes, U don see how many looshans they finding dead in the water no i dear why the were killed. its like Gary Mongoose gang all over again ask Kenny and Bousquet what happen to Maurice Bishop when cord would not toe the line.


  2. Kenny did not distroyed the alliance get your facts straight remember the alliance was with the uwp , with sir john Compton at the head.If history server me right there were lots of hard core supporters of odlum that was not in favor of the alliance .


  3. Both Sarah and Sir John are from Micoud.
    Time for St. Lucia to go back to what worked to make St. Lucia great!


  4. all thats clear to me since Sarah Flood name has been thrown in, this created more support and excitement than what Chastnet has had in tenure ....
    Oh Kenny , look like sins of the past going to burn your backside Jalapenos and scratch the ass cheek like Dasheen.......................... Welcome to the opening of the Silly season........................... Hope everyone will leave the U.S out of it this time.


  5. Why don't they take a page from the US Democratic party. Between 2007-2008, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were in a heated contest for the nomination for US President. After Obama won the nomination Hilary Clinton publicly endorsed Mr Obama. I don't know if they like each other personally but they were able to unite their party and have Obama elected. Clinton was appointed US secretary of State to serve in Obama's administration. Fast forward to 2016 she is again a lead contender for US presidency. I'm sure if she wins the nomination Mr Obama will endorse her. Now look at the Republican party. The party has been bitterly divided for years. They were divifed over John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. They lost 2 general elections in part due to their public display of party division cause by factions within their own party. They may just lose the next 3 election because of the same nonsense -- which they deserve. How can our local main opposition party take note? It's soo obvious you'd have to be brain dead not to realise. Now I have not selected which party to back the next elections but I will not vote for any leader who can't even unite his own party. The power hungry leaders should take a note from Hilary Clinton. Take your defeat with grace. If someone has been chosen to be leader, support your current leader and help him or her build a strong party. If you are elected leader work with your rivals. Show the public you are United. There is nothing wrong with someone contesting your leadership but on the General elections day if the voting public does not see a united party then you will never get into office. United Workers Party or divided power hungry fools? You decide.


  6. If the UWP in its present state of confusion mm wins the next election well I am afraid to say dog will eat its food. Simple!


  7. Kill Bill you are ridiculous. It is this kind of retard thinking that cripples the UWP. I hope if any gets fired that they contest independent and split the darn votes. Where's the unity in the party. You think that firing is the solution.


  8. Hello people.
    Get to work together and forget all this infighting. Work for the good of the country.

    Whether it be a Labour government or a UWP government, who ever is in the house, please show respect to the highest office in the land.

    Thank you, good luck to whoever become leader.


  9. Now that Mr. Chastanet has clean the party of all it Morons, everybody wants to come an lead. king is upset because Chastanet democratically challenged him and won. Will he allow Sarah to lead him? Miss Polius is a non-entity. Don't know why she speaks.


    • EXACTLY what i have been saying all along, now that Mr.Chastanet cleaned the party of all its bad apples every body wants to come lead...Sarah flood where were you???
      Take the Line
      and the shameless Dr.Preville (wonder how he got his phd) saying all kinda nonsense, he their like king and richard scratched CD, just reiterating everything they say...shame on you claudius....Shame on you sarah...after so long,, as elections is approaching you want to help foster unity,, nonsense...UNITY does exists within the party.. its only the disgruntled mosquitoes that want to make the party look bad.
      and oh Mr.Chastanet you need to find the balls to put king on discipline too.. cause its high time.


  10. Why such a level of intimidation and visciousness towards Sarah Flood Beaubrun by Guy Joseph within days of her announcing her move to become Political Leader?

    Dosen't Guy realize that under the great Sir John Compton it was precisely that type of aggressive uncivilized behavior that the SLP regularly attacked him with? Sir John constantly faced down that kind of roughness that divided and destabilized St Lucia throughout the 70s and 80s. Now Guy wants to bring that back?

    We are not Haiti with the Ton Ton Macoutes so we should not even think about going down that route, if that is where we are heading.

    Now we can see why there is so much division in the UWP and why Allan' s own poll showed him losing badly to Kenny and the SLP.

    I am afraid of what drives Chastanet. The people do not want you, you have brought significant and party destroying division in the Party , polls show you losing to Kenny, yet you want power.


  11. As soon as you are re-elected as leader: fire King, Montoute and Polius. The 3 of them are part of the group Kenny uses to destroy the UWP, he did the same thing with the Alliance party.


    • you forget preville, and spider...and the whole Castries central delegation, and the whole gros islet delegation, and the whole Castries north fact, the whole super eight.....chas there like baygon and the roaches all volaying for the last time........the americans backing chas, the money is ready........if yall an election......Kenny better get ready to resign.....them awahjay labahs eh go take it lite.....their eyeballs already hurting them! everybody pwell raise! you mean to tell me that king actually feel that lucians would have elected him again as prime minister and that he can come in with rufus and Frederick and mary polius and spider so that they can slap him up and hold him hostage again....king just like spanking and chas eh on dat! is gorgeous duboulay woman he into! and the mafia behind all of that! you go loose the immunity! we delivering you quite to Barbados!


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