Chastanet announces “Five To Stay Alive”

Chastanet announces “Five To Stay Alive”
UWP officials few years ago.
UWP officials few years ago.
UWP officials few years ago.

PRESS RELEASE – Political Leader of the United Workers’ Party, Allen Chastanet announced an innovative “Five to Stay Alive” package of tax relief measures last Thursday to a packed political meeting on the Boulevard, which he said would to bring immediate relief to all Saint Lucians.

In announcing the measures, Chastenet said that it was impossible for the United Workers’ Party not to recognize that people needed relief now. Chastenet said that in recognition of the suffering in the country there were five things that the UWP would do immediately on assuming office to help Saint Lucians stay alive.

“Number one. The immediate reduction and ultimate removal of the dreaded Value Added Tax,” he said to loud cheers from the appreciative crowd. “We will find a more creative way and a less onerous way of raising revenues now generated by VAT,” he promised.

“Two. The reduction in vehicle license fees by 50% of the increase. It is unacceptable that men who are struggling, who have saved their money to buy a one ton or two ton or three ton truck in order to supplement their income at home have to park that truck in the back because he cannot afford to pay the $700. That is not acceptable and we will change it,” said Chastenet.

“Three. We will double the school feeding and the school transportation subsidies. We must guarantee all children at least one nutritional meal a day and take the financial strain off parents to ensure children go to school,” he said to even louder applause. “Number four,” which Chastenet said was very dear to his heart. “The United Worker’s Party will have a targeted amnesty on hospital fees owed to Victoria and St. Jude Hospital. It is unacceptable that a person who is unemployed or is a pensioner feels degraded to go to the hospital because they cannot pay their bill. What kind of Government? What kind of man does it take to be able to impose that kind of wickedness on the people of this country?”

“Number five. We will remove personal property tax for a period of three years. It cannot be that the one thing that we have struggled so long to do, to own our house and that after paying a mortgage for so many years, that a government would come and impose a property tax and cause us to lose our home,” Chastenet announced to more enthusiastic cheers. The “Five to Stay Alive” policy is only part of the UWP’s promised turn around of the Saint Lucia economy, which Chastenet said will be laid out in full in the Party’s Manifesto.


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  1. Who cares what Kenny father or Chastnets' father said or didn't say about them!

    I'm more interested in knowing 1. how much VAT will be reduced too?

    2. What will be the replacement to revenues generated from VAT when it is abolished?

    It sounds like a half hearted/thought through plan and I tell you why. The decision has been party wise that if successful that VAT will be reduced and subsequently abolished.

    However there's no mention of what it will be reduced too firstly and more importantly how the revenue will be generated after abolishing.

    And us Lucians just cheering in excitement but not asking yourselves critcal questions. Actually instead of cheering you'll should saying "how much you going to reduce it too Allen?"

    "Will you then impose another tax to replace VAT and just call it a different name?"


  2. Chastanet you would have gained more ground if you had mentioned the more creative way and a less onerous way of raising revenues! Just another LIE!!


  3. These are the very same policies that lead us to the 7% accumulated deficit. Chas was part of the very same cabinet which failed to implement fiscal measures to improve government financial position. A look at the measures taken:
    1 refusal to implement vat as far back as 2008. Sir John told us that vat had to be implimented.
    2 record salary increases to the public sector.
    3 the repeated borrowing to finance recurrent expenditures

    I am waiting to hear how he intends to make up for the shortfall in revenue.


  4. Just remember that vat is an oecs government agreement so you cannot remove that.So dont try to fool us.Lucians get the information on the net.YOU SEE MR. KING WILL NEVER SAY THAT BECAUSE HE KNOWS BETTER. HE SIGNED ALL THE AGREEMENT.


    • Chas knows as well he was part of the Government/Cabinet....

      You politicians Red and Yellow please stop taking us for IDIOTS!

      Please be honest with the people, you'll quick to hold island prayers but lacking in being honest with the us.

      Gone are those days!


  5. This government has failed miserably. I just can't understand how anyone with an IQ of ten and above can't see this. Not that I'm promoting the UWP is capable of doing much better. To me one is just the shadow of the other. Mem bet mem pwel!


  6. Allen believes this is a candy-store, a meal at the Steak House, an Atari Gaming Console, a stroll down the waterfront, etc?

    Dude, you need to grow up and stop telling the world how foolish, unintelligent and childish the UWP as a whole is.
    You are dealing with a COUNTRY with LIVING AND BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS (if in-case you forgot.)

    And as much as I do respect your father for being so business Savvy, he did a poor and wack job with you.

    You are one Crazy!


  7. To all of you, who denounced Chastanet's "five to stay alive proposals" - so be it.

    "New Laabour" has given us nothing to look forward to and to believe in ourselves, so I pitty some of us in this country.

    To those who say that Chastanet's father said this and that about Allen, ask them when and where did Michael Chastanet say these things to them about his son.

    Rest assured that their responses will be "that's what they say".

    Fine, let's go along with what "they say". At least they can speculate about what Allen's father said about Allen.

    However, I challenge and dare them to even spectulate about what Kenny's father has said about Kenny.

    They can say absolutely nothing because 70% of our present population don't even know who's David Bernard - Kenny's father and where's he was from.

    So, it begs the question as to how much do we really know about our current Prime Minister.

    Is this way we have serious dfficulties in determining whether it's Kenny or Tony who speaks to us?

    Lord, please help us in this coming elections.


  8. Mr. King be very careful around those snakes, especially GUY JOSEPH and CHASTANET.......


    • i don't know where you were standing to make your observation. But I think your vision was obscured. The allegation that Michael made damaging remarks about his son was said in public. To my recollection Michael has never denied he made the particular statement. I think that's left in the realm of believe it or don't believe it.

      As for who do or who do not know KDA's father I tell you I ask you how many Americans know Obama's father. What has this got to do with the price of cheese anyway? Furthermore on that subject you will find UWP has many skeletons of that nature. If you don't know what you talking about say nothing.

      And another thing in all this fool chastanet promises nothing came to me as appealing. I will not take his glittering package as gold. What sweet in goat mouth sour in she bambam! It is noticeable he did not say how he is going fund these goodies. We have no national industries which can provide a steady flow of money to fund his projects indefinitely; the indefinitely rules out selling assets as this would only sustain his projects for a limited period. The leaves the dreaded seeking help from lending agencies - the world bank, IMF etc. The latter avenue means saddling the country with a debt it can't repay in addition to rendering a dangerous degree of control over the country to these agencies.

      Search the inner recesses of your mind and tell me truthfully that you trust chastanet can deliver these painlessly as he claims.


  9. chastenet full of drama again. that plan crap was something that was initiated by a consultant firm hired by a jamaican political in jamaica. actually, that plan was a 25 point plan. that very same party lose dismally with the 25 point plan. chastenet, with that same consultancy firm, took the plan, extracted 5 salient points he believe that he can fool the people with, to make him look good, but like the jamaican political party, he will be decimated at the polls.


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