Chastanet: “6 feet apart is better than being 6 feet under”

Chastanet: “6 feet apart is better than being 6 feet under”

(St. Lucia News Online) — Prime Minister Allen Chastanet continues to stress the importance of social distancing in the battle against COVID-19.

In a social media post on Sunday, the prime minister suggested that it’s better to practice social distancing than being dead.

“Always remember that being 6 Feet Apart is Better than being 6 Feet Under,” he wrote on his official Facebook page, while “wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Sunday #StayHome #SaveLives #DefeatCOVID19”.

The majority of the responses to the post wished Chastanet and his family a “blessed” and “safe” Sunday. A few others stood out, however.

One person used the opportunity to request help from the prime minister: “Blessed Sunday PM. Can SLDB [Saint Luca Development Bank) give us a loan frozen for 6 months instead of a 6-month moratorium?”

Another added: “Am about to go six feet under, am dead brokes bills still coming.. Release N.I C. plz.”

“Well go,” was the immediate response from another blogger.

At least two other persons believe it’s better to social-distance.

“I will choose 6ft apart anytime!!” one said.

And another wrote: “We have to thank the PM in truth for the decision of just a partial lockdown which indeed is better than total lockdown, thank you. Our fellow St Lucians as well, thank you, together we making it work, we actually behaving better and respecting the safety measures. Keep it up, St Lucia.”


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  1. I call on you as our leader to lead, not to cower or be vulnerable indecisive because of pressure from the opposition. You were given this mandate, show us why we should be confident in your leadership


  2. Personal for the Hon. Allan M. Chastanat, Prime Minister.
    Dear Prime Minister,
    While I recognize the need to prohibit alcohol during the period of the 24 hour curfew and a few days afterwards, it concerns me that there remains a need to continue a total ban on the purchase of alcohol. My request is that you consider a partial relaxation of this ban, given the fact that by your prompt action the threat of a widespread corona virus outbreak appears to have been avoided. By partial relaxation I propose that strictly controlled limited amounts of beer and wine (not spirits) should be allowed to be sold retail and from specified outlets only (e.g. Massey Superstores). By partial relaxation, I suggest an individual, on production of his or her ID, should be allowed to purchase a maximum of one 6 pack of beer, or alternatively one bottle of non-fortified wine. This partial exemption would not include the sale of hard liquor at the present time. Such liquor purchases should only be consumed within the confines of the homes of citizens. Should you consider further restrictions on the above, might I suggest that alcohol purchases are limited to seniors, who on the whole are likely to be responsible in controlling who has access to my proposal for what would be already very limited supply.I am confident that you fully appreciate that the extra-ordinary rules now in place in relation to the corona virus threat has has a marked impact on the normal lives of Saint Lucians, and not necessarily positive. Allowing law abiding citizens to enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in their home would, I am sure, go a considerable way to alleviating what is otherwise both a stressful and depressing time. 
    I trust that you treat this message in the seriousness that it is intended.
     Yours sincerely, Concerned. Laborie


  3. How long are we gonna continue accepting this charade..Our freedom is being taken AWAY cuz of a virus..if we in St.Lucia were truly educated we wld see that IT'S a farce..however "governments" don't want an educated nation..they only ppl who are smart enough to pay taxes and dumb enough to continue voting..this is the biggest criminal operation ever..and it's ALL about TOTALITARIAN Control and nothing to do with health....NOTHING WILL RETURN TO "NORMAL" WHEN THIS IS OVER..!!


  4. Hmmm this is exactly my point. The things the politicians do n say is like a monkey see monkey do behavior. All these politicians sound alike so it makes on wonder,what is really going on. No one is giving hope as to when will our country reopen...When will our so call borders b open n when will life as we know somewhat comes back to normal. Yes it's better to stay 6 ft away than to die but remember if we are not trained to handle force isolation especially when your freedom feels lost to a draconian state u can end up 6ft under.

    The people are obeying because really n truly u have no where to go but bills still piling n people at some point won't know what to do.

    I have a question thou,how many cases of this virus is present on the island n what treatment was used to cure the patient's that are now recovered???


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