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Charges laid in Mon Repos homicide

By SNO Staff

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Stephen James

(SNO) – Two people have been charged for causing the death of 29-year-old Stephen “Tupac” James of Patience, Mon Repos who was stabbed to death during a dispute at a bar/shop in La Pointe, Mon Repos on Saturday, June 2, 2018, around 8 p.m.

Cyprian Francois, 40, originally of Anse Ger, Desruisseaux but residing in La Pointe, Mon Repos, and 44-year-old Anthea James of La Pointe, Mon Repos have been ordered remanded in custody after appearing in the Second District Court on Friday, June 8, 2018.

In an earlier report, a source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the stabbing stemmed from an argument/altercation between the deceased, another man, who is the prime suspect, and his girlfriend.

“The fight started in the shop,” the source said, “but I was already inside my house when I heard the scream. I went out and saw him on the ground. When I got there he was already dead.”

“I’m not sure what they were arguing about but they were all drinking. And both of them (suspect and girlfriend) I understood were fighting with him,” the source alleged.

“He got stabbed by the shop and walked a little distance away, that’s when he fell,” the source added.

A law enforcement source said the deceased is well known to the police because he is often “in and out” of custody.

A resident told our newsroom that James “was very troublesome” and was well known for being in feuds with close relatives and some people in the community. The resident alleged that James “drinks strong liquor all week and smoke too”.

His death is the 14th homicide for 2018. A total of 15 homicides have been reported to date.


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  1. Tupac has a mother and family. All of u ppl thats judging him if it was one of your family members a different song would sing. I do feel bad for anthea but she committed the crime. St. lucia has so many murderers out there. we need to try to help the police catch these murderers!

  2. It's getting out of hand the reason for it is because when you kill someone in St.Lucia you get bail for $500.00 can you imagine? Can someone please tell me what is wrong with the Magistrate is ones life so cheap it's a bloody shame. Watch and see they will let them out with little bail without blinking an eye,shame on you St.Lucia Magistrates.

  3. I see a lot of you are crying out he was a thief! let who is without sin cast the first stone! sometimes young people turn to a lot of things when they dont have family to feed them and take care of them. i dont know the circumstances of this young man's life but he did not deserved to be killed like an animal just so. Lucians like to treat people as no-bodies and feel that they can do what they want to particular people and get away with it. From the comments, it look like she is a woman, I hope she face the full force of the law for taking this young man's life. Enough is enough in this country.

  4. It does always happen so. These fellas so and their whole existence causing chaos and think they are invisible.he was a menace. Why isn't anyone saying so. He was a bloody thief. If he got a chance to kill anyone of you he just might have. I'm sure this story has more to it. It's not sad he died it's just sad that he wasted his life and now someone has to pay for it.

  5. Anthea God alone knows why it had to happen this way. I know your two sons are taking it hard . We the Community members too. No matter the circumstance put God first . I am sure you have questioned yourself many times but you cannot undo what has been done. You need to pray more for strength and courage to go through . God is awesome! Keep the faith. People will judge you but put your faith and trust in God May Tupac rest in peace!! Be strong!!

  6. It's sad Anthea that's how it ended but God alone knows why. I feel for your two sons I know they're sad. Tupac is gone he will never return.May he rest in peace .Now you be strong and keep the faith..I know you are asking yourself many questions now but it has happened. Continue praying for strength. I am in no position to judge anyone. It's just too sad that this happened in the Community. Peace!!

  7. Justice is served

    Where!!!! That good for the couple go straight to prison and rot! Anthea I know you growing up and that’s how you end up! A murdarah where take a life time in prison see how it feels to take the life of someone child! You have children too, you have a brother and sisters and you make Satan take control of you! I’m sorry for the boy troublesome or not it you and your man didn’t put him here on earth you shouldn’t have to kill him like he was an animal! Deban eh yeh dee two!!

    • is she the first? No and she won't be the last you'll like to brag about people's downfall .... hers infront look for what's coming for your ass.....stop rejoicing... let me see what's coming for me and Lord help me so I won't rejoice about people's downfall....let me hear the full story to this....today is hers who knows of what tomorrow will bring

      • Exactly !Justice is Served stfu! So many things that Tupac jackass do ppl already? Dont come and play like he was no good boy. Althea had no right to kill him but mate always looking for trouble with somebody

    • Your comment says a lot about your character. That you are rejoicing that she got arrested. Why don’t you pray for the family on both sides since you know them so well. Today is hers but tomorrow might me yours or a family member. Just remember karma do exist. There are lot of innocent people in jail. Hmmm. Probably you were there to see what transpired so now you are an accomplice. Some of us human are too quick to make assumptions. Stop it and stop it now because it’s our community and we need to understand why all these crimes are happening

  8. Oh! another valuable member of society no longer with us.


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