Changes to Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act

Changes to Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act

trafficPRESS RELEASE – The public is hereby advised of the following amendments made to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 2008.

Section 85. Failing to Produce a Driver’s Licence, Permit or other Driver’s Identification and Registration Document.

(1) On every occasion when a person drives a motor vehicle or trailer, that person shall have possession of his or her valid driver’s licence, permit or other driver’s identification document and the registration document in relation to the motor vehicle or trailer.

(2) A traffic officer may stop and request a driver to produce his or driver’s licence, permit or other driver’s identification document, the certificate of registration or other registration document issued under this Act or the applicable law in relation to a motor vehicle or trailer being driven.

(3) Where a request is made under subsection (2), the driver to whom the request is made shall produce immediately for examination by the traffic officer-

(a) His or her driver’s licence, permit or other driver’s identification document: and

(b) The certificate of registration or other registration documents, which must include the certificate of insurance or such evidence as may be prescribed in relation to the use of the motor vehicle.

(4) A person who contravenes subsection (3) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or both.

“Therefore, please be advised that the period of 48 hours to produce documents under Section 85 is no longer applicable”.


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  1. I believe that very soon a mask will be Developing/introduced by this labor Government (GOVT PU MENA MALAY) so that every time you inhale a breath of fresh AIR you pay a Tax. Also a PENIS TAX every time you have an erection. It is so appauling that a bunch of elected nick and pups have no darn i dear what is funding their own retirement plans much less manage a country's finances. I think Kenny and company want to murder as many St. Lucians as possible before he meet his demise and he sending all our funds to Trinidad so that he build his businesses. I also believe that Kenny is being paid to keep St Lucia down so that Grenada. St.Vincent. Dominica etc to catch up with St.Lucia. no airport project no sea port project not one project to employ 200 people what a mess Lucians. you asked for it ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


  2. Most government Departments are not functioning or very inefficient. Try calling by phone any Ministry. Its years they have been issuing receipts on renewal of a drivers license. The public is overburdened with Taxes Vat. Income tax stamp duties etc. There are no investments. ,Agriculture dead ,Industry dead. No jobs. Maybe mob law is recomended


  3. I don't agree with it, BUT when some of you go up to the States, England or other countries and drive, don't you have your (international) license on you? The insurance information should always be in the car so if you're involved in an accident, regardless of who's driving, it's readily available. It's for identification purposes. At a traffic stop, I can give them any name and in doing so, I don't have to report to the Station in 48 hours, because they don't have my correct name. If someone hits your vehicle, yes, you can get the license plate number, but the driver can give any name. How would you like to be the one who's vehicle was hit, there was damage, the other drive gave you a name. When you trying to get your vehicle fixed, you can't find anyone with that name, you now out of luck.


    • There's something called the first amendment in america. Drivers can refrain from displaying any of this information to officers if the officer stopped him without valid cause


  4. why yall eh put a law for EVERY personal vehicle. POLICe personal vehicle have the entire windsreen tinted. nonsense


  5. So sad. I was stopped a few days ago and asked to produce to my license. I took out my receipt and gave it to the officer. He quickly got all crazy talking that he should charge me because there's a new law that if you don't have the plastic then you will be charged. They no longer accept the receipt and if you are caught driving without the plastic, this will be a charge of $250. I have been looking into the new law he claimed that's passed and it didn't say it here. I am very disappointed in the way the law makers think. Anything can happen. You should atleast teach your officers to use a tablet that if in case something has rushed to take someone to the hospital and forgot to grab a wallet. You can type their names in the tablet and also the vehicle's registration number and get all the information needed. It's been over a month now and my plastic is still not ready. Every time I call the machine had a problem and to check in next week. What are we suppose to do when there are a bunch of officers making up their own law? I was told that the officer was speaking nonsense by another officer because there is no way he himself will get his license renewed and have it in his hands in 1 day. They need to check out their traffic officers. This is just sad. When will St.Lucians start deciding what is right and best for them and stop seeing Red and Yellow. The island is not about colors. It's about making the Government and all that surrounds them work in our favor. They need to please us and not the other way round. That's my opinion!


  6. Why don't all ya go live in the United States and walk without any form of ID, and when police stop ya you say u have no ID. Straight inside.


    • Stop thinking about other countries an think about St. Lucia. Not that I disagree, with your angle. We need to do what's best for us and not do what we see other countries are doing. If a machine is broken how can people obtain a licence,"come back next week." That never happens in America. Use other forms of id and do the cops have computers in every car to check the validity of the insurance. Stop with the nonsense. Live within your capabilities. We are not ready to takr that direction yet. Better days my foot!


    • You've missed the point. To enact such a law all of a sudden should also mean that the enforcement of regulations regarding the prompt renewal and issuance of cards driver's licenses to drivers at DMV. At least none of the 52 States take 6 minths to issue a new card. Dammit!!!


  7. Who ever thought of this is brain dead. The following will outline why.
    1. Taxpayers have already paid for a digital system that the police can access on the fly to find out who has paid or not
    2. This will help clog the courts even more
    3. Majority of police will abuse their authority
    4. This clearly shows the government are bullies
    5. The claim that people do not show up after the 48 hours and they have to spend man hours looking for them, the same applies when the same people do not show up for court thereby wasting valuable time and money
    6. The ease of which this law was put in place, should with the same ease remove it.
    7. The same ease to put in this law should tackle the laws of drunken driving, black tint, double parking and non standard number plates (stupid black Perspex with white lettering)
    Case study: The reason no drunk drive laws are not in place is because most of the police and their friends and politicians are alcoholics. The 2 main uses of tint are , so as you cannot see which woman you have in your car and two, for devious criminal activities. Tint has no role on our roads neither alcohol or other form of drug use whilst driving.
    Lucians it is time for action to get rid of this STUPID LAW and get rid of this government.
    12.00 noon on the boulevard we will take this case to the people of St. Lucia to stand up for what is wrong with the system enough is enough


  8. Does this mean that the car rental companies have t give each renter a copy of the insurance etc. This seems a bit excessve or not well thought through. This is the new norm in our neck of the woods.


  9. The government chose when times are the toughest and no money can be made without a government contact or contract to implement all these laws. New licenses, New fines, New taxes, higher bills. How about new legislation to push small businesses how about more jobs how about new investments. Nothing. New laws to suck more out the poor man at every wrong turn. I said I wouldn't vote this coming election but I've changed my mind. The system created now does not represent me nor is it In my favour. If any of us have friends that are police officers you would know that they are the ones whom very rarely have insurance nor licensing. It wont be a problem to get away with these charges simply on the basis that they're officers. Honestly I'm tired of all bad news. Everyday nothing positive nothing to uplift our society. I think our prime minister is out of ideas. I think it's time for him to be gone. We should have never let a slave masters legacy become our own. Let a shopping moguls son do his bidding instead. I am a fan or neither however I choose what I havent seen instead


  10. People it is about time we accept is for the betterment of everyone..what is so wrong in having the required documents with you...keep in in your wallet, in the car ..just have..


  11. PS: failure to pay the above mention fine on or befour it due date results in Doubling of the before mentions fine so 2,000


  12. So you are telling me if i forget my wallet home and i am stopped by police i will be charged... and proper police work cant be done to provide a report for a traffic accident in a timely fashion ...
    FACTS: "there is a max waiting period of a 6 months to produce a police report" B4 you can contact a lawyer to sue to govm't ..
    u will waive a 48 hour time period to provide a DL/REG/Ins docs...

    WOW!!! ok? :/