Change Guyana political party retracts endorsements of Anthony Snow, Robert Gates

Change Guyana political party retracts endorsements of Anthony Snow, Robert Gates
Anthony Snow and Robert Gates at Change Guyana's press conference
Anthony Snow and Robert Gates at Change Guyana’s press conference

See full statement from the Change Guyana political party issued on Friday, December 20, 2019.

Since the launch of Change Guyana on October 29, 2019; thousands of Guyanese from all ten regions of Guyana have come forward to support, volunteer and endorse our unique message of inclusive and accelerated economic development and job creation through tax reforms and other deliverable measures.

The Change Guyana Economic policies have resonated positively across all sectors of Guyana, from the private sector to the public sector; from the unemployed to the employed, from those living in poverty to the wealthy among us, from the youths to our seniors; Guyanese from all walks of life are embracing the clarity of our vision and the positive economic change we offer.

The policies include no income tax or National Insurance contributions for Guyanese working for less than $100,000, VAT reduction to 12%, no property tax, no capital gains tax, no estate tax, no tax on farmers, reduction in taxes on vehicles by an average of 70% to ensure Guyanese travel in safer vehicles that are affordable, no tax on exports, no tax on vehicles, machinery and equipment used in the farming, mining, forestry, fishery and other productive sectors, no VAT on electricity, water or data, free education from Nursery to University, provisions through the tax system for voucher credits to those living in poverty, doubling old age pension within one year, using tax credits to fund collaborative programs between businesses and educational institution for the training, apprenticeship and employment of our youths and adults, setting up a private sector agricultural bank, provide land to sugar workers from closed sugar estates, arrange low cost financing for micro, small and medium sized enterprises in collaboration with the banking sector, regionalize our education, training and administrative institutions, set up special economic zones in at least four regions of Guyana, improve our dilapidated and inadequate infrastructure including roadways, bridges, electricity, water, telecommunications and internet among other areas; provide Guyanese with a secure living environment, a reliable a safe transportation system and remove the administrative bureaucracy that plagues our productivity.

These policies have brought thousands of Guyanese to embrace support and endorse Robert Badal and Nigel Hinds, the co-founders and leaders of Change Guyana Political Movement, for their visionary thinking, capacity to build and deliver and their grasp of the issues that impede development and job creation in Guyana.

At our 10th press conference on December 19, 2019, where Guyanese make public endorsements of Change Guyana, we received the endorsements of three Guyanese, two of these endorsements have been brought into question.

Guyanese are free to endorse any party, policy, message or candidate they wish.

However, while we recognize their right to liberty and just treatment as citizens of Guyana, we have reviewed an informative post by News Room and subsequently done a more extensive examination of the two individuals. Based on the information we have reviewed, Change Guyana has decided to retract the endorsements of the two individuals.

Change Guyana support and momentum is evident all across Guyana as we focus on economic and social development, wealth creation and critical bread and butter issues that affect Guyanese citizens.

We commit to deliver on the expectations of Guyanese voters on March 2, 2020.

Every Guyanese that has a legal right to vote is encouraged to cast their vote for the inclusive and accelerated economic development policies of Change Guyana.


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