Chamber reviews progress of “Getting Down to Business”

Chamber reviews progress of “Getting Down to Business”

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Almost one year after launching the “Getting Down to Business” Series the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce is reviewing the effectiveness of the Program.

Designed with the intention of developing a more conducive environment for its members to operate, through working more closely with the Ministry of Commerce to find solutions to challenges faced by members, the members having been meeting regularly with the Ministry of Commerce and related Government agencies.

The Review started on Tuesday 19th June, 2018 at the Chamber Secretariat, with the Price Control Regime. Here significant progress has been made. The items on the Price Control List has been reviewed as has been the associated margins. Specific recommendation on these matters have been agreed. Still to be concluded however is the review of the list of agricultural inputs under price control.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Commerce will meet to review the list within the next two weeks and report to the Committee on the 24th of July, 2018. Generally the Meeting was pleased with the progress made so far though it was agreed that the Committee needed to expedite the final recommendations to Government.

A review of the Import License Regime also took place. The Work on this issues was assessed as “extremely helpful” to both Public Sector and Private Sector participants. It was pointed out by participants on both sides that a most cordial and productive working relationship has developed. Of specific note was the improved information flow and understanding of the rules, regulations and process on one side and on the other, the exigency and dynamic nature of business with its needs for speed, efficiency and facilitation on the other.

Two noteworthy decisions were arrived at on the way forward. The first, the hosting of a business clinic on “Refining the Import License Process” and the second the organization of training for Customs Brokers. Both these initiatives are seen as critical interventions which will redound to the benefit of the operation of the import process and business.

The review of the “Getting Down to Business” series continues next week Tuesday June 26th 2018, 9:00 am when the Duty Free Liquor Regime will be reviewed by the Chamber and its partners.


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