Chamber offers team building and leadership training with Dr. Harvey Millar

Chamber offers team building and leadership training with Dr. Harvey Millar

(PRESS RELEASE) – Outstanding son of the soil, now Professor of Business Management at St. Mary’s University in Halifax Canada, Dr. Harvey Millar, returns to Saint Lucia to give back and share his world renowned expertise and insight into managing people and organizations successfully.

After a one year hiatus Dr. Millar will once again work with the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture to present two outstanding training programs to members of the Business Community:

“Building and Sustaining Teams that Drive Business Performance” and “Leadership for Performance Excellence” are the two new workshops that the Chamber will offer in response to a Training Needs Assessment carried out late in 2019. Dr. Millar will bring his inimitable style and profound knowledge of the cultural norms of the people, and society to the workshops as he imparts his expansive knowledge and understanding of management issues nurtured by years of research and practical application in both public and private sector in Canada and the Caribbean.

Building and Sustaining Teams that Drive Business Performance” focuses on identifying the factors required for creating high-functioning, high performance teams that will position your company for growth and productivity. Topics will include the common stages of development, causes of team dysfuction, the primary types of teams and the alignment of such teams with specific business goals and objectives. “This workshop will offer strategies to help such teams achieve their performance goals” says Dr. Millar.

“Leadership practice today has become increasingly more complex. While most organizations will often find themselves with employees from different generations, today the divide between the younger and older generations is significantly wider than one or two decades ago” and this is what poses many challenges for current leaders. “Leadership for Performance Excellence” will share current thinking and practice in leading and mobilizing organizational talent for high performance as it requires among other skills multi- generational understanding as well as how to effectively create intergenerational collaboration within the workplace.

This workshop exposes leaders to the concept of a multi-dimensional business excellence model that can be used to drive organizational performance as well as the tools needed to effectively execute each dimension of the model.

The Workshops will take place March 23rd and 24th, and March 26th and 27th at the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Secretariat on the 1st Floor of the Orange Park Commercial center in Bois D’ Orange, Gros Islet.

Members and the wider Business Community, as well as public sector leaders looking for the edge to manage the changing work place dynamics are urged to take advantage of these powerful, and cutting edge training programs by calling the Chamber at 452 3165 or email [email protected]


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