Challenges with police resources linked to economic climate – Minister Lacobiniere

Challenges with police resources linked to economic climate – Minister Lacobiniere
Minister Victor Lacobiniere

The lack of resources at the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has drawn the attention of not only ranks within the Force, but the general public, who considers it as a major issue.

But National Security Minister Victor Lacobiniere has said that while it is a reality on the ground, this is as a result of the economic climate in Saint Lucia over the past few years.

“The budget of my ministry has been steady for the past two years. Going into this budget it continues to be fairly stable. We have not seen any significant increases across the board,” he told the media.

In fact, Lacobiniere, said most of the capital projects were axed last year, which in his considered view, it will most likely be axed again this year. And that is purely based upon the economic climate.

The minister said agencies similar to the RSLPF have to find “innovative ways” to get the business done.

He used the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) as an example, where they have moved to rehabilitate their farm with the assistance of members of the private sector.

“You also have to be careful in being creative. But there has to be some measure of creativity, greater level of efficiency, because there is also a lot of wastage in the public service,” he asserted.

Nevertheless, Lacobiniere explained that records over the past ten years indicate that the RSLPF have received reasonable financial and other types assistance, to help with their many programmes.

“In fact, they have got quite a bit, not just from the Americans, but my government has given them, motor vehicles and motor cycles, etc. This round the economy has been very tight and therefore it has been difficult to be able to keep it at the level we would like,” he remarked.

Lacobiniere said he is however confident that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony will continue, as he has done before, ease the burden on the main sectors even in this time of difficulty.


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  1. It is now clear Philip La Corbinere is offcially Minister of Excuses. This guy starts and ends press releases with nonsense and excuses. If he had integrity and principles he would be honest and inform Dr. Anthony that he is unable to do the job and would resign and move on. Instead he is sitting firm and drawing tax payer's money as its safer than going into private practice.

    He heads a justice ministry that is past collapsed, every part of it broken. All he does is to look for openings to fire some jabs at those unable to defend themselves. He obviously has no shame to be top contender for the title of most failed minister. Considering this is his second term and in the same ministry, has he not learnt anything?

    A classic example of incompetence, arrogance and bombastic pomp


  2. Why this guy just don't stay in bed, every time a bad dream wakes him up he says the most stupid things. Keep on sleeping Lacob it's better for you.


  3. I don't know why these politicians giving us all these foolish excuses. Don't they know by now we have heard it all and tired of excuses. We need results.

    How can the government apply 15 percent on St Lucian citizens. This has created much unemployment, which has resulted in an increase in crime and poverty.

    Government has claimed that they were able to raise (can't remember the exact figure) millions of dollars through raising VAT.

    Where is that money or where was it spent? Common sense would dictate that the more people who hold jobs, more income for government through taxes and fees. A higher VAT has just caused more businesses to close and less income being distributed which in turn creates less money to spend.

    We need less Dr. in the house


    • the educated class has killed our country, right now you just have to come and show certificates and you make it, but no one seems to care about the work getting done, no one cares for the people who innovate and think differently.... we are in free fall we need a change


  4. So what really are you saying LaCorbs? Didn't Kenny say that the hardships with the RSLPF were because of the American sanctions resulting from the application of the Leahy law? Didn't he say that ammunition, training, equipment, and other assistance to the force were curtailed because of the police shootings and the resultant IMPACS report which remains unaddressed? Although we may be in economic hard times, just like other islands, much of this can be mitigated by doing what needs to be done which will result in the lifting of sanctions and the resources from the Americans being re-instituted.

    How about telling us what tangible changes have been made to the DPP's office to better equip it to handle to the investigation of the IMPACS report and the sorry state of our judicial system which is plagued with a backlog of cases for years, the ridiculous number of remand prisoners, and the challenges in the courts with facilities and resources.


  5. Something tells me that our ministers and this entire SLP dance troupe do not have an inkling about national and economic priorities. Examine their utterances.
    If word of mouth is most critical to the main money-earning industry, why is it so painfully and bitterly difficult for political directorate to comprehend that it is imperative to place resources where needed, to boost the increasingly negative image of this tourism destination? Why? What is so hard about this very simple matter? Why are so many SLP credentialed ministers so obtuse?


  6. So in other words go to hell in st. lucia if you want to get justice and security, whilst appointments in tourism and other sectors. Thank you for being honest about it.

    I normally don't agree with Rick bantry but minister of health your colleague has a problem in his head, please arrange for a psychological assessment for the good minister in fabulous mental health system....


  7. After the St Lucia Labor Party is voted out of office, I think I can safely say, no one is gonna miss this face on the news.


  8. put the fat cops on bicycles, have them account for the fuel they waste going after women and stop harassing law abiding citizens.


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