Chakadan Daniel inquest verdict expected today

Chakadan Daniel inquest verdict expected today


The Vieux Fort Court is expected to deliver its verdict in the Chakadan Daniel case on Friday (July 24).

It was originally scheduled to have been delivered on Friday, July 17, but was delayed due to the absence of one of the jurors, who was ill at the time.

Magistrate Robert Innocent will pronounce the judgment and address the jury, once the verdict of the coroner’s inquest is reached.

Daniel was allegedly found hanging in his cell, at the Micoud Police Station on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, the same day he was expected to appear in court.

A post-mortem examination found that Daniel had died of asphyxia.

The family is being represented by Attorney-at-Law Dasrean Greene.


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  1. If we are to trust and believe in an reputable Justice System, good governance and unbiased presentation of facts by the press; How come is today that we are getting to know the verdict is today? It seems strange that either the coroner did not mention or the press did not report that it was postponed for today. Remember that Justice must not only be done buit must seen to be done. Most of the public have made up their minds and such acts of calculated uncertainty could only strengthen or confirm their suspicions.


  2. Wait... first of all no one is suppose to die this way and i agree. But come on he was no good boy, he wasn't . The people from the entire micoud village, myette, ti rocher, dugard etc all know about the chaka. Friends and family are too hypocrite all of y'all had enough already but as he died or got killed whichever he turned to the best person. guess they want to sue the state for some millions




    • Your comments contradict each other. No one deserves to die this way... But he was no good boy??? True 90% of family members will always say "he was a good boy he never trouble nobody"... He might be seen as an "animal" to you, but to others he was loved ... So respect that, respect life, irrespective of how you feel... ???


  3. I agree nothing well come out of this case.Did they brought anyone forward or charged he or she for murder?No! So,who is being prosecuted?Listen,St.Lucians.Let know one deceives you,anytime you hear jurors complain that,they were sick and couldn't make it in any circumstances of the law.Just,visualised that verdict already.If a matter such as these has been pending.There cannot be delays in such magnitude.Nobody,will be blame for anything.Another mystery murder.That is a very common outlook in our soceity with jurors.Even when you go to government offices for documents,the same thing are being spoken to you that,the person who has to prepare your papers is sick.And,its something they already want to say to you by having you going up and down until you get fustrated.I know that culture we are living in people!


  4. in defence of shakadan to those who never had a chance to know him would like to say stop with your badmind. that mentality wont advance you in anyways. he was a good youth helpful and respectful that many of you can only imagine. not a violent bone in his body! had the pleasure of spending many hours with shakadan on my visits home, we kept in contact while i was gone. never have i seen any bad intention on his part, and if i did would be the first one to set him straight out of love and a mutual respect. as for the way his life ended i will never comprehend as it was in the hands of the police someone of authority sworn to an oath to serve and protect. in my village i witness many of my friends arrested for no reason, humiliated, taken advantage of, ridiculed guns drawn at them just to create a scene. locked up on friday and release on a monday with no charges, then to have onlookers celebrate because of the hair on their heads or their surname. those types of wickedness must stop in high and low places, the time of those thinking has past. now is a different calling, a sense of purpose, and with that comes clean hands, clean heart, and a firm meditation. mother nature is calling in every direction. are we prepared for her wrath? one must know themselves the journey where one started and ones destination. one must be conscious of the earth that has one sustain them. when was the last time one said thank you st lucia? one must see take time to see beauty cause it lies within, within ourselves open your heart and see that beauty. shakadan was a countryman with the mental physical and spritual toughness to make it into the next life, its the soul spirit which is kept alive to continue the journey, to you my little brother i say one love! love from the heart! selassie i guide JAH RASTAFARI!!


  5. we all kno nothing gona really come out this case even if we kno d ute didnt hang himself....dat officer was already goin off seein Shakadan n shit...the worse is yet to come officer...start your father start praying for u...on tht note, according to the song, "woi...kotay kadoo...woi woi woi koh kadoo??" pun intended


  6. justice for shakadan!!
    i know you are sitting at the right hand of rastafari!


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