CFU turns 42

CFU turns 42

(PRESS RELEASE) – Our organization the Caribbean Football Union turns 42 today.

The first meeting was held on January 28, 1978 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Today, four decades and two years later, we are standing as an effective, important, proud and transparent Caribbean organization.

The focus of the Caribbean Football Union is the development and advancement of football in the 31 Member Associations. The Executive Committee that I have the honor of leading is committed and able to the task. We continue to work with our strategic partners and all our stakeholders to realize our goals.

We are steadfast in the CFU’s vision to empower and support our members through strong leadership while providing clear direction and professional services in the advancement of the beautiful game. The mission, to ensure that we are one Caribbean voice united in passion and purpose, drives our agenda.

We can see the fruits of our labor in the results of some of our national teams on the world stage. We are, however, more than the marquee moments. The progress and development that never make the news—such as the administrative and financial support to some members, negotiations on behalf of others, providing a conduit to higher learning and training— all stand as testament of the work and importance of the CFU.

The strength of our organization is in our unity, and our achievements are the results of the combined efforts of all our members. You are all essential to our success, and I would like to thank each of you—from the longest serving to the newest amongst us— for the work that you do. May we all continue to stay the course.

Happy Anniversary!


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