CFL gets corporate award at Kouwi Sent Lisi

CFL gets corporate award at Kouwi Sent Lisi
The eldest participant receiving her prize
Nadia Rudolph collects corporate award on behalf Consolidated foods LTD

The National Community Foundation (NCF) held its fun run/walk ‘Kouwi Sent Lisi’ last Sunday and this year proved to be another success.

Each year the activity is given a health theme, and is used as an opportunity to provide participants with information on a specific area of health concern, while promoting NCF programmes and services.

This year’s event “Kouwi Sent Lisi… For a healthy Heart” emphasized the importance of the heart as the single most important muscle in the body, and the importance of walking to keeping it in shape.

Hundreds of supporters young and older came out in support creating a sea of white and blue along the route which began at Mega J, went through Union, Corinth and back to Mega J. At the finish line participants received on-site medical testing and healthy product samples while prizes were awarded in various categories to participants, volunteers and companies who contributed to the success of the event.

For the second year in a row Consolidated Foods LTD (operators of Super J IGA and Mega J) took home the prestigious Corporate Participation Award for the largest number of registrants. CFL is an ardent supporter of the work of the NCF and the company’s relationship goes beyond an annual contribution of EC $25,000 which helps to fund the work of the organization.

The youngest participant receiving his prize

It extends to Kouwi Sent Lisi through product donations, prizes, tents and use of the Mega J facility. CFL through the Super J IGA brand has an active lifestyles focus and so the company rallied staff to register for the event and participate.

“We know many of our customers are engaged in exercise and fitness and so we actively support these events as an opportunity to give back to them,” said Nadia Rudolph of CFL’s Marketing department as she received the award on behalf of the company.

The National Community Foundation is a philanthropic, community based, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization geared towards ensuring a better quality of life for the disadvantaged in St. Lucia, particularly those in need of health and medical care.

The organization operates on the basic humanitarian principles of volunteerism and giving with purpose, targeting a wide cross section of persons who at risk or disadvantaged. Kouwi Sent Lisi organized by the NCF  as a precursor to the national telethon which is the NCF’s major fundraiser for its many projects and programmes.

The eldest participant receiving her prize



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