Certified hotel properties in Saint Lucia welcome established protocols

Certified hotel properties in Saint Lucia welcome established protocols

By Anicia Antoine
(GIS) — Following Saint Lucia’s official re-opening of borders on July 6, hoteliers have put measures in place to ensure that the health of locals and visitors alike remain a priority.

General Manager of the Bay Gardens Hotel, Ms. Walrude Patrick, explained that staff have undergone thorough training to ensure that they are well prepared. Currently, 35 staff members have resumed work.

“According to the safety requirements, the staff bus will pick staff up at the closest point to their homes. When the staff gets on property, because hand washing is more effective than hand sanitizing, there is a hand washing station as they enter the property. Then they have temperature checks. They must change out of their uniforms and back into civilian clothes after their shifts, so they don’t go back home with their uniforms. The uniforms are washed and sanitized on property.”

The general manager also detailed the preventative measures that have been implemented for visitors to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Public Relations Manager at Sandals Resorts, Judy Deterville, stated that the protocols put in place by the Ministry of Tourism improve management of the borders and the mandatory COVID-19 certification creates an element of safety for visitors.

“They know they’re coming to a hotel that is certified. They understand that there will be a level of protocols in place already so our job really is to maintain communication so they understand what can and cannot be done.”

Tourism representatives encourage all to continue to take the necessary precautions to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19.


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